News of the week: online shops have strong brands, how companies see themselves, how many tablets per household

Comert electronic in offlineHere are the most important 5 news pieces about e-commerce from the last 7 days.

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Online shops have strong brands!

branduriIn a top of the strongest Romanian brands, according to Biz magazine, there are some famous online shops. eMAG, DEDEMAN, FAN Courier, MOBEXPERT and other many important e-commerce companies are present in the top 100. For example, eMag is a surprise entry in the top, being the first brand in the retail category that stands out from the rest. This brand has had a healty growth every year and this year the brand was considered the “new online mall”.

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Romanian companies, in words

Studiu RoWordsThe final results of the 2015-2016 RoWords research have been published. It is the very first study made in Romania concerning the way that Romanian companies describe themselves in words. 10 million pages have been scanned; over 100.000 words have been identified; tens of thousands of company websites have been scanned. The research is a mirror of the Romanian e-commerce sector, that speaks about the identity of companies and the trust of customers in these websites.

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Read the label, don’t buy cheap products!

ANPCHere are some advices from the Consumer Protection Authority’s director, offered in a public appearing: read the product label carefully (products sold online have to have ALL the information that are present on the real label); if a top-brand product is too cheap, it is a sign of counterfeiting; if we shop online, we have to pay attention to the comments. By the way, the standards include all the legal rules concerning e-commerce.

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At least a tablet in every household

dispozitiveThere is at least one tablet in 36% of the Romanian households, there is a smartphone in 73% of them and 55% of households have laptops, these are the main conclusions of the research undertaken by the Communication Authority, on 1.549 persons. The big figure in mobile gadgets in the country has implications on the development of mobile e-commerce. There is not any centralised data on online sales from mobile devices and smartphones, but there is a yearly global growth  of 33% on the m-commerce market.

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Omnichannel = online/offline

MediaGalaxyMedia Galaxy is changing its business approach. The retail chain announced that, with the help of the platform dubbed “Complete experience, online and offline”, Media Galaxy is addressing promptly and usefully the needs of the modern consumer and positions itself as “architect” of the omnichannel experience. It is the first retailer that can adopt this approach, with the help of the extended chain of the large brick-and-mortar shops and of the online shop

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