GPeC 2016 events calendar

Here you can find the main GPeC 2015 events - the 10th edition. It's best to add them to your agenda so that you don't miss them!

GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition Registrations

April 21 – May 31 2016

Every online shop who is looking for professional feedback and specialised guidance from the point of view of website user experience and services quality should register for the GPeC Online Shops Competition 2016! GPeC Online Shops Competition 2016 is not just an awards gala, but a real e-commerce usability and best practices audit done by the best e-commerce, online marketing and user experience specialists in Romania!

Each online shop will be evaluated against over 120 evaluation criteria that go through all the important areas of an e-commerce website: Usability, Design, Customer Experience, SEO, Security, Mobile, Social Media, Legal aspects and, obviously, Services Quality.

All the online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition will receive thorough evaluation reports consisting of both grades for each of the 120+ criteria and short comments  from the jury specialists: a real website audit.

What is more, the online shops receiving the best final score will be awarded during the 11th edition of the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala in November 2016 – The Most Important E-Commerce Event in Romania!

Check out the wide range of immediately-applicable benefits you receive by registering with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and register during the April 21 – May 31 timeframe (inclusive). Keep in mind that the registration period can’t be extended!

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GPeC Summit, Spring edition

May 25-26-27 2016: 3 intensive e-commerce-packed days

For 3 intensive e-commerce-packed days, Bucharest becomes the capital of Romanian and regional e-commerce, reuniting the main players in the regional e-commerce and online marketing industries for GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016.

An amazing lineup of e-commerce experts

For the 11th annual edition of GPeC, we’ve prepared an amazing lineup of international e-commerce and digital marketing experts: Alex Langshur (Co-Founder Cardinal Path), Daniel Waisberg (Analytics Advocate Google UK), David Darmanin (Founder & CEO Hotjar), Karl Gilis (AGConsult), Marie Polli (ConversionXL), Paul Rouke (PRWD), Brian Dean (Backlinko), Chris Hague (ZoomSphere) – speakers that simply need no further introduction!

For May 25 you’re in for 1 whole Conference day, packed with inspiring keynote speeches, immediately-applicable case studies and debate panels covering the HOTTEST topics in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. This is the day you meet all the who’s’who in regional e-commerce at GPeC E-Commerce Expo: the main e-commerce solutions and services providers and all the partners your business needs in order to move to the next level. After a real e-commerce marathon day, it’s time to remember the saying “work hard and party even harder” – you are in for a real rock’n’roll GPeC Party – networking with participants and speakers has never been easier!

This is only the beginning as May 26 and May 27 will bring no less than 12 highly practical Workshops from the best in the industry, a total of 18 hours of premium e-commerce content! The trainers are picked from the best e-commerce and digital marketing gurus so it’s your job to make the difficult choice and decide what workshops to participate in…

Don’t miss out! Be there for this Spring’s Most Important E-Commerce Event in the region: GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016! You’re in for 3 days of premium e-commerce content, amazing business opportunities and quality networking with the regional e-commerce elite as well as some of the best international specialists! 

Tickets are still available… Register now for GPeC Summit – this Spring’s Must-Attend E-Commerce Event!

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GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition – First Evaluation Stage

June 6-27 2016

For 3 entire weeks, the GPeC 2016 Jury (consisting of experts with intensive e-commerce experience) evaluates online shops registered for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition, grading each of the over 120 evaluation criteria and offering explanations and recommendations when necessary.

After the first evaluation stage, all online shops participating in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition receive their respective evaluation reports and have the chance to discuss them more in depth with the specialists from the jury during the first round of GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings – Round 1.

After jury 1-on-1 meetings, online shops will have a dedicated timeframe to improve on all the points where the jury had recommendations. After this timeframe, there will come a second jury evaluation.

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GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings – Round 1

July 7-8 2016

Online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition have the chance to meet face to face with the jury specialists who evaluated them in order to discuss the evaluation report that resulted after the first evaluation stage.

These 1-on-1 e-commerce consultancy meetings are designed so that you understand why you received a certain grade and what the jury specialists recommend in order for you to get a higher rank and grow your business.

We recommend that you make the most out of your assigned timeframe in order to ask for additional recommendations and raise the important questions that your business needs answers to. The jury specialists have been chosen because they are some of the best industry specialists and their experience recommends them to address your business pain points apart from the jury evaluation report. GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings are especially tailored to help you increase your revenue and customer base, optimise your marketing investments and receive free consultancy from some of the best industry experts.

Your business simply can’t afford missing out on GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings!

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GPeC Online Shops Competition – Practical Applications

July 11 – September 16 2016

During the practical applications timeframe, online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition have the chance to work on the issues pointed out by the jury during the first evaluation stage and the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings and apply the recommendations they were given in the first evaluation report. This timeframe is especially tailored in order to make sure online shops will be in tip-top shape during the final jury evaluation period and will improve their business real time.

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GPeC 2016 E-Commerce Summer School

August 24 – 29 2016

This summer it’s time to take advantage of the free time available in order to update and work on your e-commerce know-how. If it’s summer, it’s time to get ready for the 6th annual edition of the GPeC E-Commerce Summer School – the only series of intensive e-commerce trainings in Romania. GPeC E-Commerce Summer School is your unique chance to spend 5 days in the beautiful mountains area of Romania with some of the best trainers in regional e-commerce and digital marketing and take active part in 12 Essential E-Commerce Workshops covering some of the hottest topics for your online business.

Moreover, GPeC E-Commerce Summer School is your chance to receive free consultancy tailored especially for your business, be inspired by some of the best regional specialists, interact with fellow e-commerce specialists and online shops owners and have fun together with the most amazing people in online business during our creative teambuilding activities These are just part of the reasons why you simply can’t miss out on this amazing event, which is simply a pleasure for us to organise every year!

GPeC E-Commerce Summer School 2016 will take place in a spectacular mountains landscape in Moeciu de Sus, Bran, Brasov Country, Romania at Family Hotel Arnica*** during the August 24-29 timeframe. Registrations start during the second half of June 2016!

Stay tuned! GPeC E-Commerce Summer School 2016 is simply a must-attend!

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GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition – Final Evaluation Stage

September 19 – October 19 2016

Now that you had the chance to improve your e-commerce performance and customer experience during the Practical Applications period, it is now time for your online shop to be reevaluated. 

During the final stage of the competition, the GPeC 2016 jury reanalyses online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and evaluated their evolution in time, grading once again each of the 120 jury evaluation criteria. After the final evaluation stage, online shops will receive the second evaluation report, which will be of course for private use and will consist of both the grades for each criterion and the jury’s comments and recommendations.

What is more, the GPeC 2016 jury will also be doing mistery shopping in order to evaluated each online shop’s services and customer experience. The final grades will rank the participants and decide the winners of the 11th edition of the  GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala. Will you be one of the winners?

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GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings – Round 2

November 1 – 2 2016

After you get the 2nd jury evaluation report for your online shop, you will get the chance to meet for the second time with the GPeC 2016 jury for one on one meetings. You will receive detailed recommendations and explanations for the jury evaluation report and the jury specialists will also comment on your evolution in time.

The free consultancy that you receive during the E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings is of the most valuable for your business so mark the November 1st and 2nd in your calendar to make sure you won’t miss out!

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GPeC Summit, Autumn Edition

November 2016

Just before the 11th edition of  the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala, you’re invited to join an even bigger and better edition of GPeC Summit, Autumn Edition. We’ve already prepared a Super-Strong edition, hand-picked WOW speakers and we can bet that you will ask us to extend the event.

So stay tuned and keep an eye on us! If you checked what we have in store for you during the Spring Edition of GPeC Summit, you should be in for even bigger surprises for the autumn edition! ;-)

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GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala, the 11th edition

November 2016

After 8 months of Online Shops Competition, E-Commerce Expo, Workshops, Intensive Trainings and Team Building, the GPeC 2016 e-commerce marathon-event will end with announcing the winners of the 11th annual edition of GPeC E-Commerce Awards.

The e-commerce awards will be handed over to online shops who received the highest rankings during the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and their performance will be rewarded in a formal exclusive gala together with the e-commerce industry elite.

You’re in for a memorable evening, special guests and a true e-commerce show where performance in Romanian E-Commerce will be rewarded.

We move e-commerce forward together for 11 years!

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We will do everything in our power to make sure the GPeC 2016 Events Calender is 100% accurate, but there is a slight chance that dates may be modified by events and reasons independent of us. If this should happen, we will update the information promptly and keep you up to date with any  changes which may occur.

You’re in for 8 months of E-Commerce Premium Content!

Start from the beginning: check out the immediately-actionable benefits you get and  register your online shop with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition! You will receive the E-commerce Trust Mark for 12 months and you will have access to GPeC Summit May 25-26-27  2016 where only the best of the best in international e-commerce will go on stage!