GPeC Summit November 14-15

GPeC Summit November 14-15 2017 is The Event of the Year in E-Commerce in the CEE region. We bring you the best of the best in international and regional e-commerce on the same stage for 2 intensive days of inspiring keynotes, thorough case studies, highly practical workshops, GPeC E-Commerce Expo, networking with the e-commerce elite and a super party. Our trademark for the last 12 years is the same: premium e-commerce content powered by GPeC! GPeC Summit November 14-15 is set to fuel your e-commerce performance and connect you with the partners you need in order to rock in online shopping.

Only the best make it on the GPeC SUMMIT Stage!

Before announcing the winners of the year in e-commerce during the 12th Annual GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala 2017, we meet for the autumn edition of GPeC SUMMIT (November 14-15 2017, Bucharest, Romania) for 2 days of E-Commerce Conference with some of the best international and online marketing e-commerce specialists! Get ready for a real e-commerce marathon!

Meet the first speakers and stay tuned as we will constantly update this section to announce the top speakers that will be part of this year’s edition of GPeC SUMMIT November 14-15! Don’t miss our Early-Bird offer of only 109 EUR + VAT for the 2 event days and claim your ticket now to book your seat for GPeC SUMMIT – The Most Important E-Commerce Event in CEE!

Neil Patel GPeC SUMMIT Bucharest, Romania, November 14-15


Co-Founder Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics

Neil Patel is the Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics and a real Online Marketing genius. Wall Street Journal calls Neil ”one of the most important web influencers world-wide”, Forbes places him in top 10 online marketers and Entrepreneur Magazine says that Neil “founded one of the most successful top 100 international companies”.  The former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, included Neil Patel in the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30. Neil Patel worked as a consultant for Amazon, NBC, Google, eBay, General Motors, HP and Viacom. You will meet Neil Patel at GPeC SUMMIT November 14-15 in Bucharest, Romania. Neil will be present on the GPeC SUMMIT stage 2 times: first with a 45-minute keynote speech on November 14 and then with a 90-minute extended session during GPeC Special Day November 15 together with other 3 international experts.

conversion optimization oli gardner


Co-Founder Unbounce

Oli Gardner is the Co-Founder of Unbounce, one of the most well-known international Conversion Marketing platforms and an expert in landing page Conversion Rate Optimisation. “The successful recipe for growing your conversion rate lies in the perfect mix of data and design (user experience) together with quality services offered to your online shop clients”, says Oli Gardner in his interviews and articles. With a passion for optimising every single element of a landing page, Oli says that he has seen and analysed more landing pages that anyone else in the world. And you will take his word on this considering that he has worked with Amazon, Vodafone, Canon, LinkedIN, and the company he founded has over 10.000 clients world-wide. Oli will deliver an incredibly actionable 45-minute keynote speech at GPeC SUMMIT on November 14 which will offer you insights on how to grow your conversion rate through “data-driven design”.

Amy Harrison GPeC SUMMIT Bucharest, Romania, November 14-15


Founder & Owner Write With Influence

Amy Harrison is the founder and owner of Write With Influence, one of the most appreciated online resources of Content Marketing world-wide. Amy helps online business owners with practical and tested advice on how to write the best marketing content easy and fast. Amy is a copywriter and Content Marketing consultant, being recommended as the best specialist and speaker in this field by international gurus such as Bryan Eisenberg, Oli Gardner or Karl Gilis. Amy also developed a successful series – AmyTV – on how to write content that is clear, relevant and persuasive and that helps you grow your online sales. Amy will deliver an inspiring 45-minute keynote speech at GPeC SUMMIT that is called “The Customer Disconnect: How Inside-Out Copy Makes You Invisible” and she will also be present with a 90-minute practical workshop full of highly-actionable tips during GPeC Special Day.

Simona Kijonkova Cehia GPeC SUMMIT


Founder Packeta Group

Simona Kijonková is one of the most renowned e-commerce business ladies in the Czech Republic and part of the “Top 25 Czech women in business of 2015″ and “Top 75 most influential women of the Czech Republic in 2016″  of the Forbes magazine. Simona is the founder of the Packeta Group (known in Romania as Coletă – one of the widest networks of pick-up points operating in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Apart from the management of Packeta, Simona is also a business angel, investing in technology startups such as – an innovative tool helping users choose their clothes size when buying online. On November 14, Simona will share the most important Czech Republic market facts and figures as part of GPeC RED – Regional Expansion Debate.

Stephan Grad A-Commerce Austria GPeC SUMMIT, November 14-15, Bucharest, Romania



Stephan Grad is one of the Austrian e-commerce pioneers and the founder of A-COMMERCE – the main resource of e-commerce content, statistics, events and trainings in Austria (similar to GPeC in România). Stephan’s core belief is that “e-commerce is not only about technology and processes, but also about people and human relationships and must be treated accordingly”. A-COMMERCE brings you the main e-commerce information, facts and market statistics in Austriaand is the organiser of e-commerce and multichannel events in the country. Stephan will bring his experience and A-Commerce statistics at GPeC SUMMIT and will be ready to share with the GPeC audience all his know-how on the market.

Ormos_Zoltán-eCommerce Hungary GPeC SUMMIT Bucharest November 14-15


President Ecommerce Hungary

Zoltán Ormos is the President of Ecommerce Hungary – the Hungarian e-commerce association. He joined the association in 2006, becoming a Board Member in 2011 and a President in 2014. As President of the Ecommerce Hungary association, Zoltán was actively involved in the promotion of cross-border e-commerce and he developed a strong international contacts network in this field. Zoltán can therefore help online shops interested in cross-border expansion with useful and highly actionable advice and contacts. Zoltán is a lawyer and the Managing Partner of OrmosNet, a legal company specialising in IT and e-commerce legal aspects.

Justyna Skorupska Polonia GPeC SUMMIT, Bucuresti 14-15 Noiembrie


Member of the Board E-Commerce Poland (Chamber of Digital Economy)

Justyna Skorupska is one of the most renowned E-Commerce and Digital Business experts in Poland, a member of the e-Commerce Poland board (Chamber of Digital Economy) – the most representative e-commerce association in Poland. Starting November 2016, Justyna is also digitalisation consultant for the Ministry of Digital Business in Poland. With an extensive experience of over 20 years in the industry, Justyna is active on the IT and e-commerce market as an expert, consultant, mentor and manager and has coordinated the operations of the most important polish branches of international giants that expanded their business to Poland. You will meet Justyna at GPeC RED – Regional Expansion Debate din cadrul GPeC SUMMIT, on November 14, together with some of the most important names of international companies and associations in regional e-commerce.

Tic-tac, tic-tac…

Timpul trece, iar locurile la GPeC Summit sunt limitate. Vino in inima comertului electronic la Evenimentul Anului in E-Commerce, GPeC SUMMIT 14-15 Noiembrie 2017!