GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition

GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is all about excellent user experience and increased customer satisfaction. Every online shop that is interested in evaluating and improving its e-commerce performance and website experience should register for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition. Improved performance will quickly translate in increased sales. What are you waiting for?

GPeC jury evalutation criteria – the most complex guide on how to have a successful online shop

For 11 years, GPeC jury evaluation criteria are the most complex international public guide on how to have a successful online shop. Complying with the GPeC criteria is just like building a house that resists any 9 degree Richter earthquake.

Each online shop registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition will be analysed and evaluated based on more than 120 jury evaluation criteria by a jury formed of more than 20 e-commerce specialists and will receive evaluation reports no matter if they win the competition or not. GPeC’s purpose is to make sure all online shops find out their strengths and weaknesses so that they solve these issues and get to sell more – and, this way, help the market grow.

All online shops registered with the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition will be evaluated from the point of view of general criteria as well as specific category criteria (where applicable).

In case any criterion is not relevant for your business profile, this criterion will be graded N/A (not applicable) so that your online shops doesn’t get a smaller grade for no reason.

Click the “Find out more” button in order to see all the GPeC 2016 jury evaluation criteria!

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2 jury evaluation stages at 2 different moments in time

As far as we know, there is no other e-commerce competition in the world in which registered online shops are assessed in 2 different evaluation stages, at different moments in time. GPeC does this because it is important to analyse the evolution of an online shop during a longer time period, so that the evalution is as objective as possible.

What do we do here at GPeC:

  • we assess each online shop in order to make sure it complies with the pre-screening criteria fully;
  • once you are accepted in the competition, each online shop is assessed by the GPeC jury against 120+ evaluation criteria which are all essential to any online business;
  • during the initial jury ranking stage the online shops registered receive the jury assessment report and have the opportunity to discuss with the jury members about the assessment reports and ask for their recommendations;
  • after the jury meetings, online shops have a dedicated timeframe when they get the chance to solve the issues pointed out by the jury (the practical applications period takes place during the July 11 – September 16 2016 timeframe);
  • at the end of the competition, the jury reanalyses and reevaluates each online shops, observing and grading its evolution in time;
  • for the first time in GPeC Online Shops Competition’s history, online shops get the chance to discuss for a second time with jury members regarding the final jury evaluation report;
  • taking into account the grades granted for both evaluation stages, we decide the winners of the 11th edition of GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala (November 2016).

Jury evaluation stages

  • During the June 6-27 2016 timeframe, the GPeC jury evaluates online shops registered with the competition and grades each jury ranking criteriaThe purpose of the initial jury ranking is that the online shops find out the specialists feedback and the main issues signaled by the jury so that they can remedy these issues and increase their online shop’s performance;
  • After the jury recommendations from the initial jury ranking and the timeframe dedicated to applying the recommendations they received from the jury, the final jury ranking stage takes part in the timeframe September 19 – October 19 2016. The GPeC jury will observe and grade the evolution (or involution) in time of each online shop, the results from the 2 jury ranking stages giving us the GPeC 2016 winners.

Let us know if you find an e-commerce competition similar to GPeC. Show us that there is another competition for online shops with an evaluation based on more than 120 jury evaluation criteria, in 2 evaluation stages, during 8 months. We’ll give you a drink if you find it :-)

You receive specialist consultancy during the competition

Alexandru Clain, about GPeC Consultancy Meetings: “In 2013 I made one of the best decisions for the development of our e-commerce business: I participated for the first time in the GPeC Competition. The advice I received every year from the jury helped us offer our clients a better online shopping experience and this has significantly grown our sales in time. If you want your online shop to become a real trademark in its market, participating in the GPeC Online Shops Competition is a must.”


Adelina Oprea, Marketing Manager ZorileStore about GPeC Consultancy Meetings: “Meeting the jury members was a very pleasant experience. GPeC offered me a chance to talk to the best people in the field and get expert advice on matters related to my online store. I’m sure that after this competition my website will be much changed for the better. Thank you, GPeC!”

After the initial jury ranking stage, we invite online shops registered with the competition to discuss face-to-face with the jury members (or by Skype or email according to jury members’ agendas), find out their explanations for the granted grades in the assessment report, ask questions and benefit from free specialised consultancy tailored for their business.

Specifically, online shops registered with the GPeC 2015 online shops competition go through a first jury ranking stage and receive assessment reports consisting of jury explanations and remarks. On July 8 and 7*, they get the chance to meet the jury members face-to-face and discuss the assessment reports and receive recommendations on how to improve their business. The GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings 2016 will be held in Bucharest, the venue will be announced shortly.

  • the online shops will be programmed and will receive via e-mail the date and time when they are invited to participate in the meeting;
  • the GPeC jury members will explain the main issues found during scoring and will provide advice on how to solve them;
  • during the allocated time (approximately 60 minutes/store), each store may also request additional advice or ask questions on other matters than the ones in the jury evaluation report.

The online shops that are unable to physically attend the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings will submit their questions or concerns via e-mail to the jury members in the next 3 calendar days after the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings and no later. On the other hand, if some of the jury members can’t make it to the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings in person, they can offer email or Skype consultancy to online shops regarding the evaluation reports.

After the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings, online shops have time (from July 11 to September 16) to implement the recommendations of the jury in order to be better prepared to enter the final stage of jury evaluation in September-October.

After the second jury evaluation stage, online shops have another opportunity to meet jury members in order to find out their final recommendations and conclusions. The second round of GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings is set for November 1-2 2016*.

*Note: The dates set for GPeC 2016 E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings can be slightly modified according to the venue’s availability and to the number of online shops that confirm their participation. Obviously, any change will be announced in time to all participants.

Jury members

Just like every year, we keep the GPeC jury members secret until the end of the registration period for the online shops competition, that is May 31 2016. The reason is simple: we want the registrations with the competition to be independent from the jury members, especially on a national level where online shops already know most of the specialists in the jury panel.

At the same time, jury members will be assigned only online shops they didn’t have any commercial relationships with in order not to subjective and influence the competition results.

After the registration timeframe is over, we’ll publish the list of the more than 20 e-commerce specialists that form the GPeC 2016 jury. Come back to this section after May 31 to meet the ones that will assess your online shop during the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition!

What are you waiting for?

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