GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition

GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is all about excellent user experience and increased customer satisfaction. Every online shop that is interested in evaluating and improving its e-commerce performance and website experience should register for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition. Improved performance will quickly translate in increased sales. What are you waiting for?

You want a bulletproof online shop? Register now for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition!

Each online shop registered for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition will be evaluated by more than 20 experienced e-commerce specialists, taking into account over 120 evaluation criteria focused on Usability, Design, Customer Experience, SEO, Security, Mobile, Social Media, E-Commerce Legal aspects and obviously Quality of Services.

In a nutshell, you will find out what problems your online shop may have from the point of view of customer experience taking into account the most important elements of an online business. Will you invest a few hundred EUR in your business?

If so, please read below the terms and conditions of the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and check here what the main benefits are in you decide to participate in the competition.

GPeC jury evaluation criteria are considered an industry benchmark and real guideline for a successful online shop. #feelingproud #thankyou :) More than 1000 online shops have passed through the GPeC Online Shops competition so far and many of them are leaders of their market segment.


Please read the below regulations carefully. We ask a lot of you, but we offer you even more in return:

  1. We only accept online shops in the competition – that means websites that allow for online orders placement. “Electronic catalogue” websites that don’t allow for online order flow will not be accepted in the competition, with the only exception of Classifieds websites;
  2. In order to be accepted in the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition, your online store needs to have been active on the market for at least 6 months (that is, it should have been launched no later than October 2015). Important! We take into account the date when your store became active online and NOT the domain registration date*;
  3. To enter the competition, online shops need to meet all the pre-screening requirements. Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of them when you register! We will audit your website and tell you exactly what you need to remedy and if you manage to solve the issues we found, we will register you for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and you will also receive the trustmark for 12 months;
  4. Each online store will be tested in terms of online order and checkout functionality upon registration in the competition. In fact, we will place explicit test orders (mentioning that the order needs not be delivered, as it was made by the GPeC 2016 staff to verify the order form functionality);
  5. In addition to this test online order from the pre-screening period, each online shop will receive 1 single “mystery shopping” order during the jury ranking process (April- November 2016). This order will not be marked as such and, therefore, needs to be delivered, for us to be able to mark down the response time and professionalism of the services of the stores enrolled in the competition. The parcel will be returned upon delivery, and all transport expenses shall be covered exclusively by the participant stores**;
  6. All online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 online shops competition will go through 2 different jury evaluation stages, they will be assessed against the jury ranking criteria and they will receive 2 assessment reports,independent of the fact that they won or not the Online Shops Competition;
  7. Online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition have the opportunity to discuss the jury evaluation reports face-to-face with the jury members or by email/Skype during the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings;
  8. Registration with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is subject to the payment of a registration fee of minimum 260 EUR + VAT. Check our pricing policy and the benefits you receive by registering here;
  9. Registration with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is done by filling in the registration form until May 31 2016, 11:59 PM (CET + 1 timezone/GMT + 2 timezone). Don’t forget about the Early Bird offer available until May 20, 23:59 which will give you a significant discount;
  10. We reserve the right to only accept in the competition stores that understand, agree to and respect the standards of GPeC 2016, starting with the competition regulations, pre-screening criteria and jury ranking criteria and ending with the format of the event in general.


*As an exception, we will accept online stores that are launched further to the transformation of a presentation website (without online orders) with a length of service of more than one year, as well as online shops with market length of less than 6 months that are operated by a company that owns an online shop whose market length is more than 1 year. Market length is verified through Internet Archive – Wayback Machine, the date of the first press release, the first blog post date, active presence in social media etc.
**The jury is instructed to order reasonably priced products, which are marked as available on stock – so as not to create difficulties to the participant stores. Valid exceptions will be stores which sell perishable services or products, travel agencies, etc., where no mystery shopping orders will be placed.

GPeC 2016 pre-screening criteria – mandatory for any online shop that cares about its customers

In order to be accepted in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and receive the trust mark for 12 months, you must meet all the pre-screening criteria. There is an important reason behind this: most of the criteria are European legal obligations according to the actual European laws as well as e-commerce best practices which will boost your credibility and will improve the feedback you receive from customers.

If you comply with all these pre-screening criteria, you will receive both the approval to enter the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and the trust mark for 12 month.

There is no problem if you don’t comply with all the pre-screening criteria upon registration. We’ll help you solve any issue which you may have! Our team will audit your website and signal any issue which may occur and give you exact recommendations on what it is that you need to remedy – it is only important that you solve this on time and according to our recommendations and we will give you the approval to enter the competition as well as the trust mark.


According to the law, the online shop shall display on its website (through a link on the first page – visible and easy to access by consumers, e.g.: “Contact”), at least the following information:

  • The name of the company who owns the online shop;
  • Number of registration with the Trade Registry (J in Romania) – for online shops operating outside Romania, this can be another registration number from the competent authority;
  • VAT number;
  • Share capital (only for online shops operating in Romania);
  • The full postal address of its registered offices and secondary offices (showrooms, if applicable);
  • At least a valid phone number and a valid e-mail address;
  • The working hours (days of the week and hours between which the store may be contacted by customers other than by online or e-mail forms – e.g.: by phone, in showroom etc.);
  • The OSIM trademark registration number (if applicable);
  • The TRUSTED logo (with a functional link, according to the script received) for online shops operating in Romania – the logo will be displayed at a later time, after the participant having been accepted in the GPeC 2016 competition.


Online shops present in the product page the main characteristics of the product or service, according to art. 6 (1) a) of OUG 34/2014.


Online shops present the total price of products/services with all taxes included (or the method to calculate the total price) before the user accepts the contract;


Consumer information regarding the withdrawal right terms and providing the consumer with withdrawal form template. offers a withdrawal form template and essential customer information that needs to be displayed for your clients;


Online shops fulfill the minimum criteria regarding personal data protection – law 677/2001. Online shops provide customers with the minimum information regarding the information of the personal data operator, the data processing purpose, the user rights and the third parties that have access to collected data.


Upon registration in the GPeC 2016 online shops competition, the stores will declare on their own liability (by checking the field “I have read and agreed to the GPeC 2016 regulations” in the registration form) that:

  • they will not send unsolicited commercial messages (spam). Any newsletter or message submitted from time to time for the promotion of the store (either by the store or by a different entity contracted by the store) shall include the sender’s identification data (at least: store name or logo, name of the company that owns it, fiscal identification code, registration number with the Trade Registry, telephone, e-mail), as well as a functional unsubscribe procedure*;
  • the products sold are not counterfeit;
  • the entire content of the website is original or uses resources (product images, specifications, video, text, etc.) with the agreement of the source (manufacturer, supplier, etc.), in compliance with the intellectual property law.
*User complaints and reports related to sending spam during the validity period of the Trust Brand and the development of GPeC 2016 will result in the exclusion from the competition, withdrawal of the Brand and impossibility to participate in the following edition of the eCommerce Awards Gala (2017).


Before placing an order, the online shop should allow the consumer to read an Agreement or Terms and Conditions for the performance of the transactions(which are deemed to represent an agreement between the seller and the purchaser) and to express his/her agreement thereto by way of checkmarking that he/she has read and agrees to such conditions (the mark checked by the consumer represents, according to the law, the acceptance of the agreement – this is why it is important that this mark is not checked by default) – Best Practice & Interpretation of Contract Law;


The entire ordering process (from adding a product/service in the shopping cart until the completion of the order) needs to be operational, flawless and without error and should end in an order confirmation screen or e-mail. The GPeC staff will place explicit test orders to check the functionality of the online order flow, but these online orders must not be sent by the online shops.

We remind you that there will also be Mystery Shopping orders during the GPeC Online Shops Competition, according to the Registration Regulations, point 5;

9. LINK TO NAPC (Romanian ANPC)

According to the law, online stores shall display on their first page a functional link to the website of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC). Online shops operating outside Romania are excepted from this regulation;


Online stores will publish on their websites:

  • one e-mail address for copyright infringement notices (this could be of the type “”, published, for example, in the Terms and Conditions);
  • the contact data of one person responsible for amicable conciliation, in the case of unhappy customers. This in-house conciliation mechanism needs to be functional and the customer needs to receive an answer to the issue raised within 14 calendar days at the maximum.


In certain cases, based on the products sold, the online stores need toregister or place a link, according to the law, to relevant authorities (e.g.: stores selling foodstuffs need to place a link to ANSVSA; online pharmacies need to be authorized by the Ministry of Health, etc.).


The online stores clearly specify that they comply with the policy of returning products in 14 calendar days for consumers, as required by Distance Contracts Law  (except when exceptions are provided – see the example of perishable products).


Online stores will publish on their websites (e.g.: in the Terms and Conditions section) the warranty and service conditions (where applicable) for the products sold and undertake to observe such conditions to the letter, as well as the post-sale services promised to the customer (wherever such additional services exist).


Online shops will mention clearly and visibly before order is placed about:

  • accepted payment methods, and for online shops accepting online payment through card the payment processor will be mentioned as well (text or logo of the processor together with a link to his website);
  • delivery methods (e.g: through own courier service, through external courier service mentioning its name, pickup from store headquarters etc.);
  • if international deliveries are made – only when applicable it needs to be mentioned;
  • any other additional terms – where applicable (e.g.: the minimum age of clients, the minimum quantity of products ordered etc.);


In the case of online stores selling adult products, they should not contain obscene materials without explicit prior warning (opt-in) of the type “Website for people over 18. If you are not 18 or above, please do not enter this website. (Option – Enter or Exit)”.

We help you meet all the pre-screening criteria and comply with the e-commerce laws and best practices.  

If you do not meet all criteria yet, but you want to take part in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and receive the trust mark, we will audit you and tell you what your store’s issues are, so that you may solve them asap. If you solve them, you will be accepted in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition!

Competition Groups and Categories

When you enter the GPeC competition, you fight from equal ground and with fair success opportunities! It would not be fair to compare a recently launched online shop to another one that already has market tradition, as we cannot compare a store that sells products to another that sells services. Each business has its own specificities and we don’t mix up apples and oranges. Therefore, you must choose the group and category of products sold, representative of your business.

Each business has its own particularities, therefore you must choose a single group and a single category of products sold which are representative for your business – that core-business.

Groups: Start-Up, Experienced or Professional

There are 3 main groups you can register in, based on your market length of service. Which group do you fit in?

  • Start-up – online shops that have been active for at least 6 months, but less than 1 year*
  • Experienced – online shops that have been active for at least 1 year, but less than 2 years**
  • Professional – online shops that have been active for more than 2 years***

* Length of service is the period of time since the online shop was launched and publicly accessible, NOT the domain registration date. In order to participate in GPeC 2016, your online store needs to have been launched the latest in October 2015 in order to meet the 6 months market length of service requirement (the reference point to calculate the market lenght of service of 6 months is April 2016).

Online shops who have been active on the market for more than 6 months and less than a year, but belong to well-known brands (who, for example, benefit from offline presence) will be classified in the Experience or Professional group according to their Alexa traffic ranking and the online card payments acceptance factor.

 ** Stores active for longer than 2 years that do not meet the specific criteria of the Professional group will be automatically classified as “Experienced”;
*** Online shops that meet the following requirements are registered in the “Professional” group:
  • have at least 2 years of existence on the market (were launched no later than March 2014);
  • have an Alexa traffic ranking which is less than 200,000 at the time of registration (Global Rank);
  • accept online card payments.

Categories based on the type of products sold

After you have chosen your group, you will have to choose a single competition category – which is relevant for your core business:

  • Food and Beverage (e.g.: catering, food orders, bio products, fast-food, fruit, vegetables, canned food, tea, coffee, alcohol, refreshing drinks, sweets, etc.);
  • Classifieds (ex.: automotive classifieds, real estate classifieds, products or services coming from private persons sold through classifieds etc.);
  • Sports, Hobby and Entertainment (e.g.: fitness equipment, sporting equipment, cycling, ski, body-building, sporting accessories, hunting and fishing items, tents, boats, sleeping bags, relaxation activities, online games websites, sex shop etc.);
  • Auto, Moto and Machinery (e.g.: car sales, car rental, spare parts, accessories, service, consumables, parts and sub-assemblies, services, execution, specialized companies, etc.);
  • Baby, Kids, Toys (e.g.: children items, baby care and health items, baby clothing, games, toys, cribs, strollers, swings, walkers, accessories, etc.);
  • Stationery and Office Equipment (e.g.: folders, registries, paper, office equipment, writing instruments, school accessories, consumables, standard forms, portfolios, accessories, professional printing equipment etc.);
  • Gifts and Jewelry (e.g.: jewelry, watches, photo books, photo frames, decorations, souvenirs, art, collections, antiques, funny gifts, customized gifts, etc.);
  • Books, Magazines, Publications, Music and Film (e.g.: online bookstores, publishing houses, antiquarians, specialized books, guides, atlases, city guides, newspapers, magazines, periodic publications, information and press releases portals, music and films CDs and DVDs, downloadable music and films, etc.);
  • Home and Garden (e.g.: furniture, home and domestic care, construction materials, accessories, home appliances, do it yourself items, finishing materials, parquet, wood chips, floor tiles, wall tiles, carpets, doors, etc.);
  • Fashion (e.g.: clothing, underwear, bathing suits, fashion accessories, knitted wear, collections, handbags, belts, sunglasses, hats, scarfs, necklaces etc.);
  • Flowers (e.g.: flowers, flower arrangements, flower wreaths etc.);
  • Health & Beauty (e.g.: cosmetics, treatments, online pharmacies, dietary supplements, weight loss products, perfumes, creams, make-up, lotions, gels, SPA, specialized centers etc.);
  • IT&C, Electronics and Home Appliances(e.g.: computers, PC components, notebooks, mobile phones, audio-video equipment, photo equipment, HI-FI, printers, network components, GPS systems, software, PC games and consoles, TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioning, small and large home appliances, accessories etc.);
  • Pet Shop (e.g.: food and accessories, pet health and care items, pet toys, etc.);
  • Collective buying websites (e.g.: collective discounts aggregators/websites);
  • Services (e.g.: classifieds websites, insurance, consultancy, courses, paid electronic services, etc.);
  • Shopping Club (private online shopping clubs that require registration in order to view their offers – flash sales or not);
  • Supermarket, Mall, MarketPlace (stores with a very wide range of products including many categories of products sold);
  • Travel (e.g.: air travel tickets booking, holidays, stays, travels, hotel booking etc.).

For each category with at least 2 registered participants, one prize will be awarded based on the scores obtained according to the jury evaluation. For categories with 1 single registered participant, the prize will not be awarded.

If there are activities not covered by the competition categories, please contact us with your proposals. We reserve the right to establish new categories based on participants interests or to split categories in 2 or more categories.

Registration fee

Entering the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is an investment, not a spending. Your website will be analysed and evaluted by some of the best e-commerce specialists (not once, but twice!) taking into account no less than 120 evaluation criteria which are essential to any online business, and the 2 evaluation reports will be available to you and will offer you 2 X-Rays of your online presence!

8 months of evaluation cost only a few hundred EUR, no matter which plan you choose. What do you think, is it worth it to enter the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition?

If you are not 100% sure, there is still some time left to look over the registration benefits.

3 benefit plans you can choose from. You decide what matches your needs better!

  • STANDARD plan – 260 EUR + VAT
  • PREMIUM plan – 350 EUR + VAT  310 EUR + VAT Early Bird Offer until May 20 2016
  • PLATINUM plan – 550 EUR + VAT  510 EUR + VAT Early Bird Offer until May 20 2016

Independent of the plan you choose, you receive 2920 EUR worth of benefits, so it’s more than a win-win situation!


When you are trying to decide whether it’s worth entering the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition, ask yourself the following questions: How much money do you spend on Google AdWords monthly? How much did the e-commerce platform I use cost? How much have I spent on SEO? How much on Facebook Ads?

They are all important and you know their ROI better than us. What we would like to add is that by registering with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition you will find out from the best e-commerce specialists exactly where you stand in terms of user experience performance and where and why you lose customers – and especially what you can do in order to improve your performance and solve the respective issues and sell more! Is it worth it?

Check out what major benefits you have and what amazing services you can benefit from by registering with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition!


  • The deadline for the Competition registrations is May 31 2016 23:59. Don’t miss the Early Bird Offer until April 10 2016 which offers significant discounts;
  • The registration fee for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is paid at the RON/EUR exchange rate for the day of the invoice issuing;
  • The fee will be paid fully upon registration, based on the invoice sent to the email address you’ve provided in the registration form. Make sure you give us a valid email address that you check frequently because this is where you’ll receive the invoice and the GPeC Online Shops Competition 2016 news and instructions;
  • Until the payment is confirmed your online shop will not be evaluated against the pre-screening criteria and you will not be accepted as participant in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition;
  • The registration fee is not reimbursible.

Discount for GPeC’s best friends

Are you are a web development agency or do you want to register more than 3 online shops for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition? You will receive a 10% discount from the registration fee. All you need to do is contact us before registering the online shops and let us know about the number of online shops you wish to register in order to receive the discount.

Minutes go by, orders fly by… What are you waiting for?

Fill in the form and register for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition. TODAY.

Benefits for online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition
Market service value STANDARD plan PREMIUM plan PLATINUM plan
Your online shop X-Ray (120+ evaluation criteria; 20+ jury specialists; 2 jury evaluation stages) 2.500 EUR trust mark & feedback system “TRUSTED opinions” (free for 12 months) 240 EUR

Access to GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings (2 sessions x approx. 60 minutes each – 1 on 1 talks on the jury assessment reports and recommendations) 180 EUR

Participation in the  GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala, 11th annual edition (November 2016) Included in the participation fee 1 SEAT INCLUDED 1 SEAT INCLUDED 3 SEATS INCLUDED
Participation in GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016 (access to all the events: Conference, Workshops, Party, Expo) 207 EUR/3-Day-Pass ticket


Participation in GPeC Summit November (Conference – 2 days) 155 EUR/ticket



Don’t miss out!

Take advantage of the Early Bird offer until May 20 and register your online shop with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition! You will get a real feedback on your website performance and you will find out what you can improve in order to sell more!