GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition

GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition is all about excellent user experience and increased customer satisfaction. Every online shop that is interested in evaluating and improving its e-commerce performance and website experience should register for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition. Improved performance will quickly translate in increased sales. What are you waiting for?

No matter which plan you choose, participating in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition brings you benefits valuing minimum 2.920 EUR!

Check the table below for the services you receive according to the plan you choose for the GPeC Online Shops Competition 2016.

After reading the information below, read carefully what each benefit means and what it brings you as far as your business development is concerned. You’ll find that registering with GPeC Online Shops Competition is for sure an investment with positive ROI!


Benefits for online shops registered with GPeC Online Shops Competition 2016 Service value on the market STANDARD Plan PREMIUM Plan PLATINUM Plan
Professional Audit (110+ evaluation criteria; 20+ jury specialists; 2 jury evaluation stages) 2.500 EUR


trustmark together with the implementation of the TRUSTED opinions feedback system (free of charge for 12 months)
240 EUR

Access to GPeC Consultancy Meetings (2 sessions x approx. 60 minutes each – talks based on jury evaluation reports) 180 EUR

Participation in the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala, 11th edition (November 2016) Included in GPeC Online Shops Competition registration fee 1 FREE TICKET 2 FREE TICKETS 3 FREE TICKETS
Participation in GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016 (access to all the 3 event days: Conference, Workshops, Expo) 207 EUR/3-Day-Pass


Participation in GPeC Summit November (Conference – 2 days) 155 EUR/bilet


Discount 10% for the participation in GPeC E-Commerce Summer School (Bran, Moeciu, August 24-29 2016) 67,5 EUR



Complete marketing online audit (grading the performance of your AdWords and Facebook accounts) minimum 1000 EUR



REGISTRATION FEE FOR THE GPEC ONLINE SHOPS COMPETITION (available in the May 21-31 2016 timeframe)
SPECIAL EARLY-BIRD OFFER (available until May 20 11:59 PM)                 310 EUR+VAT 510 EUR+VAT
  1. GPeC 2016 professional e-commerce worth 2.500 EUR

Your online shop will be evaluated agains the most complex jury evaluation criteria (over 120 criteria essential to any online business), GPeC being among the few e-commerce competitions in the world offering such a complex and transparent evalution system.

It is true that after the 8 months of competition, only a few of the online shops registered with the GPeC Online Shops Competition will be among the Winners of the Year in E-Commerce celebrate during the GPeC 2015 Romanian E-Commerce Awards Gala, BUT no matter if they are among the winners or not, all online shops participating in GPeC receive jury evaluation reports, benefiting from a really professional e-commerce audit of their online business.

Such an audit done by some of the best e-commerce specialists – the GPeC jury members – would cost a minimum of 2.500 EUR if you weren’t registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition!

  • 20+ e-commerce specialists analyse online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition;
  • each of the 120+ evaluation criteria is graded and evaluated;
  • apart from the grades given for each evaluation item, the jury members offer detailed explanations and recommendations in the jury report;
  • the evaluation is done in 2 stages at different moments in time in order to observe the evolution of the online shops in time;
  • you receive evaluation reports as well as a benchmark of your position compared to the competition;

You will find out exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of your online shops are so you will know exactly which issues you need to fix and how in order to sell more online!

2. trustmark for online shops is the National Program for Online Shops Certification, initiated by GPeC together with and Asociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor din Romania (APC Romania) in 2011. Presently, approx. 200 de Romanian online shops comply with the standards, displaying the “Trusted Online Shop” trustmark on their websites.

The standards are mandatory for online shops according to European regulations and e-commerce best practices. The standards represent the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition Pre-Screening Criteria, criteria that any online shops needs to comply with.

  • Online shops who register with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition will be evaluated upon registration in order to meet the pre-screening criteria. Our team will help you meet every criteria and make sure your online shop is up to date with the current legal obligations;
  • Moreover, once you meet the pre-screening criteria we grant you the “Trusted Online Shop” trustmark for free for 12 months. This will boost your reputation and credibility and you will save 240 EUR + VAT – the cost of the trustmark should you not register with GPeC;
  • Together with the trustmark you will also implement for free the TRUSTED Opinions feedback system for 12 months “TRUSTED Opinions from Online Shops Clients”.

3. GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings – specialised e-commerce consultancy for your online shop from specialists

GPeC is much more than an online shops competition! GPeC helps you optimize your online shop real time!

Apart from the short explanations and recommendations offered by jury members in the 2 evaluation reports, online shops registered with the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition have the opportunity to discuss jury evaluation reports with the exact specialists that analysed them.

  • After each evaluation stage, the GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings take place where online shops can meet face to face with the exact jury members that evaluated their online business in order to discuss the audit, this way receiving explanations for the grades given and recommendations to grow their online business;
  • Each online shop has 60 minutes of dialogue with jury specialists when he can ask additional questions (apart from the ones strictly referring to the jury evaluation reports) – shortly, they receive specialised e-commerce consultancy;
  • Online shops who cannot participate in person at GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings, have the possibility to ask questions directly via email to the jury members who evaluated their online shop.

Warning: Although we do everything in our power to reunite all the 20 GPeC jury members during the same day, it proves a real challenge to coordinate everyone’s agendas. Therefore, some of the jury members may not be able to participate in person at the meetings, BUT all of them will answer via e-mail or via Skype to the questions and uncertainties online shops might have.

According to previous editions participants’ feedback, GPeC E-Commerce Consultancy Meetings are extremely useful for any online shop and are a must-attend as you rarely get the chance to talk face to face with e-commerce specialists – people with extensive e-commerce experience and know-how who can offer ideas, advice, consultancy regarding all you need in order to sell more online.

4. Participation in the 11th edition of GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala

All online shops* registered with GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition have access to the 10th edition of the GPeC 2015 E-Commerce Awards Gala (November 2015). This is where:

  • you find out live and first hand if you are among the winners of the competition;
  • you meet face to face with the e-commerce elite and you get a great networking opportunity;
  • you find out the key market insights and trends for 2016;
  • you find out the Winners of the Year in E-Commerce, the market segments with the best evolution and those with highest growth potential;
  • you participate in a real e-commerce show, a memorable evening that marks the first 10 years of GPeC.

*The number of free seats given to online shops representatives differs according to the plan chosen for the GPeC Online Shops Competition.

5. Access to GPeC Summit*, May 25-26-27 2016 – The Most Important E-Commerce Event in Romania

On May 25-26-27 2016 we bring you GPeC Summit – the e-commerce event reuniting some of the best speakers around the world, the e-commerce event offering infinite networking possibilities, multiple business opportunities, experience exchange and premium content.

  • You’re in for 3 days of relevant and directly applicable content from some of the most well-known international e-commerce and online marketing specialists: Alex Langshur (Co-Founder Cardinal Path & Director Emeritus Digital Analytics Association), Daniel Waisberg (Google Analytics Advocate), David Darmanin (Founder Hotjar), Karl Gilis (Co-Founder AGConsult), Marie Polli (Senior Optimization Strategist ConversionXL); Brian Dean (Founder, CEO and SEO Blogger Backlinko), Chris Hague (Communications & Marketing Manager ZoomSphere), Paul Rouke (Founder & Director of Optimisation PRWD) covering the HOTTEST e-commerce and online marketing topics for your business & E-Commerce Investment module during which you will meet renowned investors;
  • You find out all that matters in e-commerce: Market Insights, Online Marketing, Trends and Evolution, Conversion Optimization, SEO, SEM, Usability, Web Analytics, Courier Services, Management, Investment, Case Studies etc.;
  • You meet and set partnerships with the main e-commerce solutions and services providers during GPeC E-Commerce Expo;
  • You’re in for 1 full day of networking with the e-commerce elite, in an informal environment, at GPeC E-Commerce Party;
  • You meet and get in touch with the key representatives of top companies in our industry – from renowned online shops to big offline retailers extending their business online;
  • 700+ participants are expected during the 3 event days: CEOs, Marketing Managers, Product & Brand Managers, PR Executives, Web Developers, IT Managers, Sales Managers.

*Only for PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans

6. Access to GPeC Summit*, November 2016

Right before announcing the Winners of the Year in E-Commerce during the 10th edition of GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala, we look forward to meeting you at GPeC Summit (November 2015, Bucharest, Romania) – 1 full Conference day during which we analyse the evolution of e-commerce for the year about to end, highlighting the trends and evolution expectations for 2016.

As promised, we celebrate 10 years of GPeC with grade 20 speakers so prepare to meet the international e-commerce specialists you never thought you would ever meet live in Romania! ;)

*Only for PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans

7. 10% discount for the participation in the GPeC 2016 E-Commerce Summer School**

Reaching its 5th annual edition, GPeC E-Commerce Summer School is the only series of intensive e-commerce trainings in Romania. This year’s edition takes place in the August 24-29 timespan, in fresh mountains surroudings, in the Bran-Moeciu area and – just like every time – combines the relevant content of the 12 workshops with team building and networking activities together with the most beautiful people in the online industry!

  • From morning till noon you get your daily portion of e-commerce steroids! You’re in for 12 workshops X 90 minutes each, 18 hours of e-commerce training, focused on “tips & tricks” coming from the best specialists: Conversion Optimization, Usability, SEO, SEM, Analytics, Management, E-Commerce Tools, A/B Testing, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing etc. – we’ll be talking about each one of them in detail during the 5 e-commerce summer school days;
  • Each day after trainings, you get the chance to meet face-to-face with the trainers, ask questions and receive tailored advice for your online business;
  • Afternoons and evenings are booked for team building activities, stories and jokes all seasoned with camp fire, mulled wine and guitar chords.

**Discount is applicable only for the PLATINUM plan

8. The GPeC 2016 surprise: Online Marketing Audit**

With every edition, GPeC brings to online shops registered with the GPeC Online Shops Competition e-commerce tools of the latest generation, just like we did some years ago with Eye-Tracking, Neuromarketing, A/B testing, Voice of Customer etc.

This year, apart from your online shop personalised audit, you get the chance to get an Online Marketing Audit performed by the GPeC staff. The online marketing audit’s market price is minimum 1.000 EUR!

We will evaluate the performance of your PPC Marketing campaigns (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads), Online Display Marketing and Content Marketing and we will give you a list of improvements you can implement right away.

The Online Marketing audit is available only for the PLATINUM plan and is an additional service that doesn’t influence the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition results. Online shops who choose this audit will give the GPeC staff access to their Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Manager account based on NDA.

It is time to know how your online marketing channels perform and how you can improve their performance!


Gabriel Vasile SevenSinsGabriel Vasile, CEO SevenSins: “I guarantee that ALL online shops participating in the GPeC Online Shops Competition have improved their quality of service after the jury evaluation, including us at SevenSins. If they strived daily to tune up their websites just like they do during the GPeC jury evaluation we would see a more accelerated market development and growth.”

Mihai Patrascu EVOmagMihai Patrascu, CEO evoMAG: “In my opinion, GPeC represents the biggest and most important e-commerce event in Romania, encouraging Romanian online shops development and the trust of clients in purchasing online. The event addresses all those who want to become an online brand through quality services offered to consumers, responsibility, trust and creativity. I feel honored every time I am asked to participate in GPeC and I very much appreciate the professionalism of the organising team.”



  • The registration of online shops with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition are done by filling in correctly and completely the registration form;
  • The registration deadline is May 31 2016 or May 2 11:59 PM if you want to benefit from the Early Bird offer;
  • The registration fee for the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition will be paid at the exchange rate RON/EUR from the invoice issuing date;
  • The fee will need to be paid fully at registration, according to the electronic invoice sent at the email address provided in the registration form. Take care and fill in a valid email address that you check frequently because this is where you will receive the invoice as well as the GPeC 2016 news and competition guidelines;
  • It’s good to know that until the payment is confirmed, your online shop will not be evaluated against the preentry criteria and you will not be accepted as participant in the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition;
  • The registration fee is not reimbursible.

Are you ready?

Register your online shop with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition and you will receive 2920 EUR worth services! You can benefit from the Early Bird offer with discount price until May 20. Invest in your business!