Author: uis

GPeC 2014, 9th edition, just started!

The 9th annual edition of GPeC (E-Commerce Awards Gala) – the most important e-commerce event – kicked off today, 25th of April 2014. From this moment on, online shops can register for the GPeC online shops competition. From now on the entire e-commerce industry is up for 7 months of must-attend premium e-commerce events. GPeC 2014 online shops competition From April 25 to May 23, online shops can register for the 9th edition of the GPeC E-Commerce Awards Competition, the most complex competition so far, which no online shop should miss – according to the organisers. In order to be accepted in the competition, all online shosp must fully meet the pre-screening requirements concerning compliance with current European e-commerce laws and industry best practices. A few examples are: compliance with the product return policy of 14 calendar days/10 working days, the existence of internal conciliation procedures for unsatisfied customers, accurate

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