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GDPR Compliance Plan for Online Shops registered with GPeC 2018 Competition

Pachet de Conformare cu GDPR pentru magazinele online GPeC
We know that GDPR is a frightening acronym because it comes along with fines ranging between 2% and 4% of turnover, which is not at all neglectable!
It is even scarier when we think – and we know it from our 13 years of experience – that the topic of personal data is not easy to understand and handle by online businesses.

On the other side, we are good at explaining legislation and are able to identify what a technical team with little or no legal experience needs to do in this situation.

GDPR consultancy is expensive and the price depends mainly on the business type. In addition, GDPR is not just a temporary law, mandatory in 2018, but also in 2019, 2020 etc. – so, you need to make sure you are in compliance with the law in order to avoid penalties on the long run.

That’s why online shops registering in the GPeC 2018 Competition and choosing the PLATINUM plan will benefit from a GDPR compliance process facilitated by Bogdan Manolea – Jurist, Executive Director of the Association for Technology and Internet, co-founder of Trusted.rofor ten percent of the regular consultancy price – as follows:

  1. You select the PLATINUM plan when signing up your online shop in the GPeC Competition;
  2. On May 31 2018, during GPeC SUMMIT, you attend the GDPR session for online shops held by Bogdan Manolea, who will explain the basic concepts, in order to understand the key terms related to GDPR personal data and how to apply this knowledge to an online business;
  3. Learn the steps to take in order to comply with the law and get useful resources, good practice standards and a framework that you need to fill out based on the data collected by your online shop;
  4. Attend the GPeC Consultancy Meetings (July 10 2018) for one-on-one GDPR talks with Bogdan, for explanations and specific advice depending on the nature of your online shop;
  5. During the second phase of the GPeC evaluation process (September 24 – October 15 2018), Bogdan will evaluate your online shop based on the documents you filled out and check if they comply with the GDPR legislation. Bogdan will let you know if / what needs to be revised;
  6. Should you require further explanations, you have the chance to meet and talk to Bogdan during the second GPeC Consultancy Meeting, on October 26 2018.
  7. Perform the necessary adjustments and smile, for you shall be far wiser than you were when the whole process started :)

Bogdan Manolea Co-Founder Trusted Pachet de Conformare GDPR pentru magazinele online GPeC

You should know

We don’t expect that all online shops will be 100% compliant with GDPR standards by the end of the process and you shouldn’t either. Because it all depends on you, really. Here is why:

  • You have the ignition keys. We only help you meet the compliance conditions, but compliance with GDPR itself cannot be done by an external consultant, no matter how many papers or electronic documents you cover yourselves into. Plus, this is not a process that you undergo once and then rest peacefully.
  • The GDPR compliance plan provided by GPeC is standard, intended for regular data collection activities operated by Romanian online shops. This means certain aspects may not be addressed, in particular issues related to the collection of special data, or if your business needs a Privacy Impact Assesment. Please note that we will not cover personal data processing activities made by your company beyond your online shop.
  • The process is intended for companies operating mainly in the digital industries. In case you are an international corporation or use a mixture of offline and online marketing activities, this training may not be enough for you to comply to GDPR standards. If won’t hurt you, but you may not be able to implement all the features.

The GDPR Compliance Plan is available exclusively to online shops selecting the PLATINUM plan when registering with the GPeC Competition, for 559 EUR +VAT. Check out the registration benefits that come with this plan.


Gabriel Vasile SevenSinsGabriel Vasile, CEO SevenSins: “I guarantee that ALL online shops participating in the GPeC Online Shops Competition have improved their quality of service after the jury evaluation, including us at SevenSins. If they strived daily to tune up their websites just like they do during the GPeC jury evaluation we would see a more accelerated market development and growth.”

Mihai Patrascu EVOmagMihai Patrascu, CEO evoMAG: “In my opinion, GPeC represents the biggest and most important e-commerce event in Romania, encouraging Romanian online shops development and the trust of clients in purchasing online. The event addresses all those who want to become an online brand through quality services offered to consumers, responsibility, trust and creativity. I feel honored every time I am asked to participate in GPeC and I very much appreciate the professionalism of the organising team.”



  • Registration in the GPeC 2018 Online Shops Competition is done by filling in the registration form;
  • The registration deadline is May 31 2018. If you want to seize the Early-Bird offer, make sure you register by May 11 2018, at 23:59 as it will grant you a 100 EUR discount on the PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans!
  • The registration fee for the GPeC 2018 Competition will be paid at the exchange rate RON/EUR calculated on the the day of issue of the invoice;
  • You need to pay the registration fee in full, as stated on the electronic invoice sent to your email address (that you provided in the registration form). Make sure you fill in a valid email address that you use regularly because this is where you will receive the invoice, as well as the GPeC 2018 news and competition guidelines;
  • Until the payment is confirmed, your online shop will not be evaluated and you will not be accepted as a participant in the GPeC 2018 Online Shops Competition;
  • The registration fee is non refundable.

Registrations for GPeC 2018 Competition are over!

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