GPeC E-Commerce Summer School

August 24-29: 5 days of intensive e-commerce and 12 practical workshops in an awesome mountains setting, consultancy tailored for your business, networking and fun with some of the most amazing people in the online industry. There is no way you should miss the GPeC 2016 E-Commerce Summer School!

There’s no way you can miss GPeC E-Commerce Summer School 2016!

Join us for the 6th annual edition of GPeC E-Commerce Summer School, the only intensive e-commerce training in Romania happening between August 24 and August 29 2016 in the wonderful and relaxing mountain area of Romania. This event simply can’t be missed. GPeC E-Commerce Summer School will be held in Moeciu de Sus, Brasov County, at Family Hotel Arnica***, one of the cosiest Romanian mountains family hotels. We can assure you that GPeC Summer School is a must-attend event and our friends from past editions can confirm it. Here’s why:

You live e-commerce

From morning until lunch daily, you take your daily intake of e-commerce steroids with us! You’re in for 12 e-commerce workshops x 90 minutes each, a total of 18 e-commerce training hours based on e-commerce tips & tricks coming from the best specialists. Only practical advice and experience sharing. During these 18 training hours we’ll answer the following questions:

  • how can your online shop sell more?
  • where should you invest your marketing budget effectively and how do you calculate your ROI?
  • what can you promote your online shop without significant marketing budget?
  • short/long term decisions: marketplace or your own online shop?
  • how do you drive relevant traffic to your online store?
  • how do you choose the right partner in fast delivery services?
  • how do you achieve customer loyalty without additional material benefits?
  • how do you build a team that is loyal, proactive and results-oriented?
  • is your website easy to use by visitors or do they leave your website without placing an order because the website is not usable enough?
  • what e-commerce platform is suitable for your business and what should you take into account?
  • how do you communicate in social media and how can social media help grow your business?

… these are just part of the topics we’ll answer for you during the 12 workshops of the GPeC 2014 E-Commerce Summer School: Conversion Rate Optimization, Usability, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Business Strategy & Management, E-Commerce Tools, Logistics and Fast Delivery, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing – we’ll cover all of them in 5 days during our intensive training sessions so that you become more performant!

In E-Commerce, 2 heads are better than 1!

Each day after training, you get the chance to discuss face-to-face with the trainers, ask questions and ask for professional advice for your business. The added-value doesn’t stop here: you share business experience, you exchange ideas and you create long-term relationships with all the participants. At GPeC Summer School, you breathe e-commerce every moment and you have the chance to build a new family – your online family. That’s why for 4 editions, GPeC E-Commerce Summer School participants continue to meet as a group long after the program has ended.

Team building with the most amazing people in the e-commerce and digital industry

The afternoons and evenings are saved for team building activities and networking time over mulled wine and quitar chords by the campfire.

We’ll play charades, football, table-tennis, pool and we’ll put some effort into the team-building tests (from rope dancing on a log wearing gas masks to creating a TV ad for an online shop selling brushcutters) – these are all part of the GPeC Summer School. Believe us: you’ll wish to stay with us for more than 5 days! 

When, where and who?

The GPeC E-Commerce Summer School will be held between August 24 and August 29, in Moeciu de Sus (Brasov County) Family Hotel Arnica***.

Who can participate?

Anyone directly interested in opening an online business or already involved in e-commerce and looking for advice on how to improve his performance: online shop owners, e-commerce service providers, e-commerce solution owners, e-payment solution providers, fast delivery companies, specialised agencies etc.

Nota Bene: Online shops registered with the GPeC 2016 Online Shops Competition who have chosen the PLATINUM package benefit from 10% discount from the GPeC E-Commerce Summer School participation fee.

Benefits and costs

  • you’re in for 5 days of intensive e-commerce training (12 workshops x 90 minutes each = 18 hours of premium content from some of the best specialists in the Romanian e-commerce industry!) –> you learn how to grow your business;
  • except for the hours dedicated to the 12 workshops, you have plenty of time to talk to the trainers (no rush as it often happens at conferences) –> specialized consultancy tailored for YOUR business;
  • if your online shop is registered for the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition, you can ask for advice to the present specialists and discuss the first jury audit and evaluation report –> you significantly increase your chance to be one of the winners of the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition;
  • you make friends and get the chance to network in a friendly environment over a glass of wine with the trainers and other e-commerce decision makers in the Romanian industry –> quality networking and long term relationships;
  • know-how and experience sharing with the other GPeC 2015 E-Commerce Summer School participants –> you learn from their experience, you benefit from others’ recommendations and you know who to call when you need help in order to grow your business in terms of online sales;
  • you will have a great time during the next 5 days with some of the coolest people in the online industry: apart from workshops you will be in for team building activities, camp fire and quitar chords, good wine, green mountains area and fresh nature air, a lot of fun and a real e-commerce family which you will be in touch with from now on!



Although we haven’t yet set it, the participation fee for the GPeC 2016 E-Commerce Summer School is of approximately 2800 RON/person/all-inclusive (including accommodation, 3 meals per day, drinks, trainings, team-building and group activities).

There is a 50 tickets limit for every edition of the GPeC E-Commerce Summer School and they are sold fast. So stay tuned and make sure you buy your ticket once we start registrations!

You’re in for 5 days of intensive e-commerce training, networking and fun with some of the best and coolest online specialists in the Romanian online industry.

See you at GPeC E-Commerce Summer School! We’re looking forward to :-)

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