GPeC SUMMIT November 4-5, 2019

The E-Commerce and Online Marketing Event of the Year will bring you international and Romanian influential speakers, keynote speeches and debate panels. Now is your best chance to have your e-commerce questions answered. Create meaningful networking connections and attend 18 hours of Premium content brought to you by renown guests. The show is on and YOU are the leading role!

Meet the first exceptional speakers who will take up the GPeC SUMMIT stage

Before announcing the Romanian E-Commerce Winners of the Year at the 13th annual edition of the eCommerce Awards Gala, you are invited at the autumn edition of GPeC SUMMIT (on November 12-13, in Bucharest, Romania) for 2 days of Conference with top Romanian and international E-Commerce and Online Marketing specialists!

Nir Eyal speaker la GPeC SUMMIT 12-13 noiembrie Bucuresti - Conferinta premium de E-Comerce si Marketing Online

Nir Eyal

Bestselling Author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products”

Designated “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology” by M.I.T. Technology ReviewNir Eyal is a writer, consultant and teacher on “Behavioral Design” – a mix of psychology, technology, and business.

Nir is the author of bestseller “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” – the book that has changed the mindset, the strategy and the behavior of some of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world.

The articles Nir publishes on his blog,, have been featured in Harvard Business ReviewTechCrunchPsychology Today etc.

Nir Eyal teaches at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (Stanford University). He is also an investor in leading companies which, he believes, are truly developing habit-forming technologies, such as: (bought by LinkedIn), Worklife(bought by Cisco), Product HuntMarco PoloPresence Learning7 CupsPanaKahoot!Byte Foods and

Nir Eyal comes for the first time to Romania at GPeC SUMMIT, on November 12-13, 2018, where he will give an inspiring keynote on how to develop services that your users will love and will get them hooked to your brandIt’s a unique opportunity to see and hear Nir Eyal live, and no entrepreneur, marketer, product manager or designer should miss it!

Brad Geddes Speaker GPeC E-Commerce SUMMIT Bucharest

Brad Geddes

Worldwide Renowned PPC Expert, Co-Founder @ AdAlysis

Brad Geddes is one of the best known PPC experts worldwide, activating in this industry since 1998. Most Romanian and world PPC experts have learned Google AdWords from Brad’s famous book “Advanced Google AdWords“, international best-seller and the most advanced book ever written on Google Ads.

Brad Geddes is Co-Founder of AdAlysis – the best PPC campaigns management software, multi-award winner of the most important industry events in Europe and the US.

Brad is one of the most acknowledged international speakers when it comes to Google Ads, delivering presentations and workshops to over 85 conferences worldwide, some of the most notorious being: AdWords Days (Germany), Congreso SEM (Spain), Search Engine Strategies (Toronto, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, London, New York City), SES Local, SMX (Seattle, New York, San Jose, Sydney, Munich, Milan, London), SMX Local, SMX Social, Kelsey, Pubcon (New Orleans, Boston, Las Vegas), SuperZoo, Marketing 2.0 Bootcamp, SEO Class, KBIS, Elite Master Summit, Hero Conf, adTech etc.

Brad Geddes will take up the stage at GPeC SUMMIT November 12-13 with a keynote speech and a 6-hours Google Ads Masterclass no online marketer should miss! Brad Geddes’ Masterclass takes place on November 13, 2018 and will cover 6 full hours of tips&tricks on Google Ads campaigns. The number of available seats is limited to 50!

David Meerman Scott Keynote Speaker GPeC SUMMIT E-Commerce Romania

David Meerman Scott

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author

David Meerman Scott is notorious worldwide as one of the best marketing and PR strategist, also being an entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker and bestselling author.

David is the inventor of the “Newsjacking” concept – the art and science of injecting your ideas into the most important news (breaking news) to generate media exposure, win leads and, as a result, grow your business. “Newsjacking” has become so popular that it was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

David is the author and co-author of 10 books, 3 of which have become international bestsellers. “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” already sees its 6th edition, has been translated into 29 languages and has sold 400.000 copies until now.

David is also the author of “Real-Time Marketing & PR” (Wall Street Journal BestSeller), “Newsjacking” and his latest hit is “The New Rules of Sales & Service“.

David Meerman Scott will be coming for the first time to Romania as a guest at GPeC SUMMIT, where he will deliver his keynote “Real-Time Marketing Drives Real-Time eCommerce” on November 13.

Russell McAthy CUBED GPeC SUMMIT E-Commerce Conference Bucharest

Russell McAthy


Russell McAthy is the CEO of CUBED – a Marketing Attribution platform which allows companies to better understand the performance of their campaigns. CUBED also help brands understand how consumers really react to their marketing actions both online and offline, thus allowing them to take the best business decisions.

Russell has over 10 years of experience in the Digital industry, and is a true Data Analytics enthusiast. He has worked with a variety of companies – from small businesses, to companies with the highest market capitalization on the London Stock Exchange, helping them increase the performance of their marketing campaigns based on data.

Russell McAthy has spoken to some of the largest international conferences, such as Ungagged Vegas, Superweek, Webit (Bulgaria, Singapore and Delhi) being the most influential speaker on the “Attribution Modelling” topic.

He will take up the stage at GPeC SUMMIT November 12-13, for the first time in Romania, to deliver the keynote speech “Conversion rate is broken and how do we fix it?” – and online shops should not miss it!

Ross Simmonds Speaker GPeC SUMMIT E-Commerce CEE

Ross Simmonds

CEO @ Foundation Marketing

Ross Simmonds is the Founder of Foundation Marketing, a content marketing agency working with companies from all over the world, from start-ups to Fortune 500 brands.

Ross has helped his customers, as well as brands reach millions of people with their message through content on his Instagram, Slideshare, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Over the years, Ross has made the news in prestigious media outlets, such as Forbes, Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Mashable, BET, CBC and many more. He has spoken at internationally renowned conferences about Digital Marketing for small and medium-sized companies to corporations: MozCon, SearchLove, Webbdagarna, CTAConf etc.

Ross was named by Mashable “The Best Snapchat Marketer in the world” and is the author of Stand Out – An entrepreneurs guide to content marketing“.

From faraway Canada, Ross Simmonds comes for the first time to Romania at GPeC SUMMIT November 12-13, where he will give a keynote speech entitled “Content Distribution: How To Give Your Content More Life” with a focus on e-commerce.

felix patrascanu FAN Courier GPeC SUMMIT

Felix Pătrășcanu

Managing Partner @ FAN Courier

Felix Pătrășcanu is a founding member and Managing Partner of FAN Courier, the leading courier services company in Romania, founded together with Adrian and Neculai Mihai brothers in 1998.

The company became a market leader in 2006 and has continuously strengthened its position, thanks to investments and new value-added services.

The company with full Romanian capital serves over 50,000 customers, most of them legal entities, with the help of a team of over 5,250 employees and a fleet of own cars of over 3,200 vehicles.

In addition to the leading position he holds within FAN Courier, Felix Patrascanu is a founding member of the Association of Romanian Courier Operators (AOCR), member of the Romanian Business Leaders (RBL – apolitical, non-governmental, and non-profit organization, which aims to develop a platform for action and social involvement for leaders in the private environment) and co-author of the “Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs“, the first collective work on entrepreneurship written by businessmen from Romania.

Iulian Stanciu CEO eMAG speaker la GPeC SUMMIT Cel mai important eveniment de e-Commerce din Romania

Iulian Stanciu


Iulian Stanciu is the CEO of eMAG, the largest online store in Romania, owner of NOD (Network One Distribution), owner of Flanco retailer and investor in other Romanian businesses. A focus project for Iulian within eMAG is the expansion of eMAG Marketplace, a system by which eMAG partners display their offer on the platform.

Antonio Eram speaker GPeC SUMMIT

Antonio Eram

CEO & Founder @ Netopia Payments

With over 20 years of experience in the Romanian online industry, Antonio Eram founded his own business, NETOPIA Payments in 2005. Today, the company is the leader of the local digital and mobile payment market. Headquartered in Bucharest and an office in USA – California, NETOPIA developed the first Romanian award-winning product in a Silicon Valley competition.

Andrei Radu GPeC - The most important E-Commerce Event in CEE

Andrei Radu

Founder & CEO GPeC, Co-Founder

Andrei Radu is, for 13 years, the organizer of GPeC – the biggest e-commerce event in Romania and Eastern Europe – and Co-Founder of – The National Program for Online Shop Certification, which he founded together with and the Association for the Protection of Consumers in Romania. Andrei is a User Experience and E-Commerce specialist who offers professional advice on the Romanian and Eastern Europe e-commerce market as well as the business opportunities in these markets. Andrei is also a trainer of Usability and Customer Experience in e-commerce, being invited as guest speaker at numerous national and international conferences and workshops.

Raluca Radu Founder MTH Digital & Co-Organizer GPeC

Raluca Radu

Country Manager & Founder MTH Digital

Raluca Radu is Country Manager at, Founder of MTH Digital and GPeC Co-organizer. With over 13 years of experience in digital marketing and online business strategy, Raluca is actively involved in the growth and education of the e-commerce market, being the leading trainer of the online marketing and e-commerce classes at DallesGO and an online strategy and marketing consultant for digital business start-ups. In the past, Raluca is an Automation and Computers graduate and has dealt with the marketing and growth of and has successfully led teams and online projects within Naspers, The Group, F64,


Horia Neagu

Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant @ Napoleon Digital

Horia Neagu (Founder of Napoleon.Digital) would describe himself as a citizen of the internet and a digital polymath. While some remember their first love, Horia keeps remembering the first searches on Lycos, the first site built on GeoCities and the first IRC botnet channel. Horia has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for almost 15 years, having developed marketing campaigns for verticals such as telecom, banking, pharma, airline, ticketing, publishing, food & beverages and politics.

Valentin Radu Omniconvert GPeC

Valentin Radu

Founder @ Omniconvert

Valentin Radu is an entrepreneur with 14 years experience in technology and online marketing. He is the Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, a conversion optimization platform that has received numerous international awards. Valentin is known for the overwhelming positive energy, creativity and know-how in marketing and business. He is also an international speaker regularly giving keynotes and presentations on e-commerce, conversion optimization, online marketing, business strategy and growth hacking.

Bogdan Colceriu Frisbo GPeC


CEO @ Frisbo

With over a decade of Marketing experience, Bogdan Colceriu is currently offering consultancy to some major companies on the Romanian market, being a renown strategist for both online and offline businesses. Bogdan Colceriu is CEO at Frisbo, the first e-fulfillment platform in Romania, the co-founder of and an associate at As a marketing specialist dedicated to e-commerce, Bogdan has to offer valuable insights, dos & don’ts and real examples on operating and marketing the online shop.



General Manager @ Liberty Revival Holding

Dragoș Mănac is an entrepreneur with a background in IT and interests in a variety of business areas. Capitalist and convinced explorer, over his 16 years of experience, Dragoș has started and invested in businesses on 3 continents, with partners and employees from all over the world. At GPeC SUMMIT November 12-13 2018, Dragoş will present the keynote entitled “Bridges across the ocean – How to build profitable international business relationships“.

Lucia Ciuca Quantum Data Science


Business Consultant @ Epyca Management

With 15 years of experience in market research, marketing, e-commerce and business consulting, Lucia Ciucă, together with the Epyca Management team develop projects that help Romanian companies grow in a sustainable way. We do not believe in patterns and universal solutions. Each company is unique, so every solution needs to be specific in order to grow an epic business!

Sergiu Negut GPeC SUMMIT


Co-Founder Fintech OS & Associate Dean Maastricht School of Management Romania

Sergiu Neguț is a consultant specialized in business transformation growth-related, value-based leadership and customer-centric business development. He acts as Angel Investor, Member of the CEO’s Board of Consultants in several local businesses, the most famous one being FruFru. Sergiu is also a member of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation.


Founder & Chief Optimizer @ UX Studio

Eugen launched UX Studio in July 2017 with the aim of helping businesses improve their website performance by providing better user experience. Eugen is UX Certified by Nielsen Norman Group and ConversionXL, and he implements UX and CRO methods at UX Studio to identify, test and validate ways to optimize conversion rates and user experience.

Andrei Georgescu White Image


Managing Director @ White Image

Andrei Georgescu is Co-Founder and Managing Director of White Image for over 15 ani. He is passionate about data and result-driven solutions. Currently, White Image delivers Data Management and E-Mail Marketing solutions for e-commerce, banking, auto, HR clients etc. You can also find Andrei at the IAA School, where he teaches E-Mail Marketing.



Senior Consultant în E-Commerce, UX, Analytics, CRO and Online Marketing

Liviu Taloi is Co-Founder of the ECOMpedia project, having over 16 years of online marketing experience and over 11 in e-commerce. Liviu was, among other things, PR Manager at eMAG, and in 2005 he founded Web Audit, a web consulting company specialized in e-commerce and website evaluation. Liviu was selected regional trainer in the Google Partner Academy on Google Analytics by Cardinal Path. He also has a GAIQ Certified – Google Analytics Individual Qualification.



Managing Partner @ Breeze Mobile

With over 25 years of experience in the IT&C industry, Dan Vîrtopeanu has dedicated the last 12 years to mobile marketing and mobile payment solutions. He has been involved in the development of a diverse portfolio of mobile campaigns through SMS, mobile web, mobile applications and other tactical tools, many of these campaigns being a first in Romania. In 2012 he founded Breeze Mobile, one of the few domestic full mobile marketing agencies, winner of more than 10 awards at various Mobile competitions (Mobile Awards, Mobilio, Effie).



CEO & Founding Partner @ Zitec

Alexandru Lăpușan is the CEO & Founding Partner of Zitec, one of the leading producers of online applications.

In addition to other verticals, Zitec has in its e-commerce portfolio the following names:, Flanco, Network One Distribution, PayU,, Borealy, ALTEX.



The Marketing Fairy & Co-Fondator @ CREADIV

Roxana Olaru is coordinating the CREADIV digital agency while also volunteering with the RBL Foundation. CREADIV offers to its 100+ Romanian and foreign clients design services (web or print), development services (web applications, online shops or websites) and online promotion (SEM or Social Media campaigns management), following the guideline: Design. Code. Launch.



Managing Director @ GripAds

Online Marketing expert, Bianca Grip is known in the online industry for her performances on implementing the project in Romania, the business she has grown from start-up to top 3 websites in Romania. Then, Bianca founded GripAds, an advertising directorate that helps online businesses make money from traffic on their website.

In 2014, she launched, the most complex training program on Online Marketing Strategy. The program runs in the main cities in Romania to facilitate the entrepreneurs’ and specialists’ access to valuable information.



CEO @ 2Performant

Dorin Boerescu is CEO at, company that develops a marketplace for marketing services specialized for e-commerce. Since 2015, the platform is available worldwde, with a focus on countries in the EU. Previously, Dorin was co-founder of a few advertising companies –  Hyperactive (performace agency – 2008), Bakemono (online publisher – 2009), Agrafa (digital printing house – 2004), Speed Promotion (currently Godmother – full-service agency). Dorin was a speaker at dozens of marketing and e-commerce events in Romania, Poland, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Croatia and a promoter of the democratization of marketing in e-commerce.


Vice President @ VTEX

Rafael Campos has been working for 10 years in Marketing and Sales, starting in the consulting area for small and micro companies. Later, he worked for one year at Banco Real, on commercial loans and corporate clients. In 2009 he joined the VTEX platform, where he held the Commercial Manager for SMEs position for three years.

In 2012 and 2013, he was responsible for expanding his business in Latin America. From Argentina, he developed VTEX in five countries and attracted over 20 new customers, besides bringing business to breakeven. Once returned to Brazil, he became responsible for the corporate segment in 2013-2015.

In 2016 Rafael became responsible for Inbound Sales at VTEX, currently being Vice President of the company and responsible for marketing and sales in all countries where the platform is available.



e-Commerce Manager @ DHL Express Romania

Florin Toma joined the DHL team in 2014 to manage the top customer portfolio in Buchares. Following that year, he took over the e-Commerce Manager position, a strategic position within the company, the B2C segment being a top priority for DHL Express at the global level.

With more than 13 years of sales experience, Florin has extensive experience in identifying customer needs and providing them with the best solutions.

Currently, he wants to make an active contribution to the development of the Romanian online market, which he considers “a market that will reach a high level through the contribution of each of us, regardless of the products and services we promote” .

Cristian Ignat


Head of SEO & Managing Partner @ DWF

Mihai Vînătoru is Head of SEO and Managing Partner at DWF – one of the largest SEO agencies in Romania. DWF currently manages over 70 optimization campaigns for online shops and national companies in areas ranging from auto, tourism, health, finance, home & deco etc. Using the most advanced SEO instruments available as well as the long experience, the DWF specialists offer powerful and measurable SEO campaigns.

Ela Moraru Google


Country Manager @ Google Romania

Elisabeta Moraru has 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, business development and training. Starting 2016 she is the Country Manager of Google Romania, and beforehand she has been Industry Manager at Google for 3 years.

Previously, she held leading positions within Xerox and Microsoft. Elisabeta holds a PhD in Sociology and a Master from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest.

Cristian Ignat


Chief Canopyst @ Canopy

Cristian Ignat is the Founder of Canopy, an agency that aims to bring the digital to new heights.

Cristian lives and breathes online marketing in general and PPC in particular. He has more than 10 years of experience in this industry and is dedicated to strategies designed to increase the results and revenue of his clients. That is how he managed to generate results for both the top brands he worked with, from all market segments, as well as the companies interested in becoming market leaders.

He truly believes in online marketing and aims to actively contribute to the popularization of the field, being one of the first certified Romanian trainers in Google AdWords (Dec. 2013).

He attended as a speaker, jury member or moderator more than 300 events in Central and Eastern Europe. He focuses on case studies and applied discussions, thus succeeding to become the first Romanian guest speaker @Hero Conf, the largest PPC event in the world.



CEO @ DPD Romania

Lucian Aldescu began his career in transport and logistics since 1994 as a Logistic Manager for the Belgian company Eculine. In 1997 he founded, together with James Gray-Cheape, Pegasus Courier, the first Same Day courier company in Bucharest. Pegasus was acquired in 2008 by the GeoPost group, and changed its name to DPD Romania. Since 2008, Lucian Aldescu holds the position of CEO of DPD Romania – part of DPD Group, the second largest courier in Europe. In the next five years, Lucianintends to triple the company’s turnover and position DPD Romania as a leader in the Balkans. Lucian Aldescu is a graduate of the TiffinUniversity MBA program and was the President of A.O.C.R. between 2009 and 2011.

See you at GPeC!

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