Andrei Radu , Cristi Movilă , Andrei Cânda , Oana Dumitrescu , Elena Gheorghe , Elena Oprea ,

eCommerce in 2023: updated data, plans for BF & end of the year, user behaviour

GPeC SUMMIT, October, Bucharest

2023 seems to be the year of contrasts in Romanian eCommerce with – more than usual – online businesses talking about stagnation or even decline and others talking about growth. Of course it depends on verticals and a lot of factors, but there are also differences of opinion on the size of the e-commerce market as a whole (according to different sources).

We shine a light alongside the representative companies in the field:

  • The most important results of the iSense Solutions market study from the perspective of online consumers, presented for the first time at the GPeC SUMMIT
  • Google’s perspective on the evolution of e-commerce, of Romanian retail as a whole + the latest information on consumption and search behavior
  • Online payment statistics and trends, average transaction value, product/service categories in top consumer preferences
  • ARMO’s perspective on the evolution of the e-commerce market in 2023 and expectations for the end of the year
  • What will be the estimated balance of the e-commerce sector this year and what can we expect in 2024 taking into account the current economic context?

Open for dialogue and questions from the audience:  Andrei Cânda (Managing Partner iSense Solutions), Cristi Movilă (ARMO President & General Manager VTEX Eastern Europe), Elena Gheorghe (Country Manager PayU GPO), Elena Oprea (Director Acceptance & Acquirers Visa Europe), Oana Dumitrescu (Industry Head & Retail Lead Google)

Host: Andrei Radu (CEO & Founder GPeC)

Andrei Radu (CEO & Founder GPeC)

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Cristi Movilă (General Manager VTEX Eastern Europe)

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Andrei Cânda (Managing Partner iSense Solutions)

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Oana Dumitrescu (Industry Head & Retail Lead, Google)

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Elena Gheorghe (Country Manager | PayU GPO)

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Elena Oprea (Director Acceptance & Acquirers | Visa)

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