Arthur Rădulescu , Georgi Georgiev , Vlad Dulea , Vlad Stoica , Raul Durma , Raluca Radu ,

Decoding E-Commerce Growth: UX, CRO, Marketing Automation, AI, BNPL

GPeC SUMMIT, October, Bucharest

After an accelerated growth during the pandemic, the e-commerce market began to settle down and the focus of online stores slowly shifted from acquiring new customers to retaining the existing ones and increasing the purchase frequency.

As a result, improving User Experience, increasing the conversion rate and the retention rate seem to be some of the key objectives that most online stores set for themselves.

Some of the discussion topics of this session:

  • What are the tools that e-commerce platforms provide to improve the conversion rate
  • How to Increase Average Transaction Value (AOV), Conversion Rate (CRO) and Value Per Customer (LTV) with Marketing Automation Solutions
  • Cross border simplified: platforms that help you have an online store prepared by default for international expansion
  • Adapting to consumer needs in the current economic context
  • Solutions to increase online sales

Invited to debate and open to your questions: Arthur Rădulescu (Founder & CEO MerchantPro), Georgi Georgiev (Co-Founder & CEO, Vlad Dulea (Partener CloudCart România), Vlad Stoica (Commerce Cloud Client Director for Salesforce CEE), Raul Durma (Chief Executive Officer, PayPo Romania).

Host: Raluca Radu, CEO & Founder MTH Digital

Arthur Rădulescu (Founder & CEO | MerchantPro)

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Georgi Georgiev (CEO and co-founder | Releva)

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Vlad Dulea (CEO Kooperativa 2.0 | CloudCart Romania Partner)

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Vlad Stoica (Commerce Cloud Client Director for Salesforce CEE)

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Raul Durma (Chief Executive Officer | Pay Po Romania)

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Raluca Radu (Founder MTH Digital)

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