GPeC SUMMIT May 29-30-31, Bucharest

Get ready for three days full of Premium E-Commerce and Online Marketing content in the core of the most important event in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe: Conference, Masterclasses, Workshops, Expo, Networking – together with Romanian and internationally renowned speakers, in the midst of over 800 participants. Can you afford to miss it?

Meet the first outstanding speakers who will attend GPeC SUMMIT

On May 29-30-31, 2018, Bucharest turns into the Central and Eastern European E-Commerce Capital! GPeC SUMMIT – the Most Important E-Commerce and Online Marketing Event in the region will take place during those three days, bringing you 2 days of Premium Conference with the best international speakers, 2 Masterclasses of 6 hours each, 4 Workshops of 90 minutes each, E-Commerce Expo and Networking with over 800 participants – the Romanian and international elite.

Browse the list of remarkable speakers who will attend this edition of the GPeC SUMMIT, and keep an eye on our website to discover all the big names, as we will regularly update this page!

Brian McBride Chairman ASOS vine la GPeC SUMMIT Bucuresti 29-30-31 Mai

Brian McBride

Chairman ASOS

Brian McBride is, for 6 years, the chairman of ASOS, one of the biggest online fashion retailers in the world. He is also the chairman of Wiggle – the biggest online cycling retailer in the UK, where he managed the recent fusion with Chain Reaction Cycles. Brian started his career at Xerox, then worked at IBM and Dell, eventually becoming the Managing Director of T-Mobile UK. In 2006 he became the CEO of Amazon UK, position for which he went through 12 interviews, the final one with Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. After 6 years at the head of Amazon UK, Brian was elected chairman of ASOS – the biggest online fashion retailer, a position he holds for 6 years now.

Peep Laja speaker GPeC SUMMIT Mai 2018 Bucuresti Romania E-Commerce

Peep Laja

Founder & Principal CXL

Peep Laja is considered the #1 International Expert in Conversion Optimization, the founder of CXL, one of the best-known User Experience & Conversion Optimization agencies in the world. Peep is also the founder of CXL Institute, a training and certification program for specialists in key areas of expertise for the success of online businesses, such as: Conversion Rate Optimization, User Experience, Digital Analytics, Growth Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Digital Psychology & Persuasion. He is an expert in Conversion Optimization, helping companies increase their income from online sales.

GPeC SUMMIT Mai 2018 Bucuresti Jeff Bullas speaker

Jeff Bullas

#1 Global Content Marketing Influencer in 2018

Jeff Bullas is a digital strategist, Marketing blogger, bestselling author and keynote speaker. The Onalytica 2018 report has ranked him first on the global Content Marketing influencers’ list. Jeff is the author of “Blogging The Right Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media”, a bestselling title in the Marketing and Marketing for Small Business categories on Amazon. In 2013, Forbes magazine included Jeff in the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. In 2014, he was considered No. 1 Content Marketing Influencer and the same year he ranked 8th in the Forbes Top 40 Social Marketing Talent. In 2015 he became No. 1 in the World’s Business Blogger category, and today he is considered the #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer.

Aleyda Solis SEO Expert Speaker GPeC SUMMIT 29-30-31 Mai 2018 Bucuresti

Aleyda Solis

Founder Orainti & International SEO Consultant

Aleyda Solis is among the most respected international SEO experts and consultants – services which she provides via her company, Orainti, that she modestly calls “a boutique digital marketing consultancy”. Why modestly? Because Aleyda is the author of many SEO articles on the Search Engine Land, MOZ and State of Digital blogs, a speaker at more than 100 conferences held in 20 countries and author of the book “SEO, Las Claves Esenciales”. Aleyda has over 10 years of experience in SEO and has been included in Forbes’ “10 Digital Marketing Specialists to follow in 2015” list and in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “50 Online Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2016” ranking.

Jim Sterne Digital Analytics Association Speaker GPeC SUMMIT Mai 2018 Bucuresti

Jim Sterne

Co-Founder & Chairman Digital Analytics Association

Jim Sterne is the co-founder and chairman of Digital Analytics Association (DAA), the most important association in the world dedicated to Web Analytics, gathering all the international professionals in the field. Between 2002 and 2017, Jim was the organizer of eMetrics Summit, the most important international conference on Digital Analytics. The event went on for 16 years and accounted for 83 editions in 20 cities around the globe. Today, the eMetrics Summit is still organized by Jim Sterne, just under a different name, Marketing Evolution Experience (MEE). Jim is one of the Online Marketing pioneers, starting practice in 1994, and has over 35 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is the author of no less than 12 books, including “Advanced E-Mail Marketing“, “World Wide Web Marketing“, “Web Metrics“, “Social Media Metrics“, “The Devil’s Data Dictionary” and the recently released “Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications” (2017).

Jeff Sauer PPC Expert GPeC SUMMIT conferinta e-commerce Bucuresti Masterclass Google AdWords si Analytics

Jeff Sauer

Founder Jeffalytics

Jeff Sauer is one of the most respected international experts in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, founder of Jeffalytics, professor at St. Thomas University of Minnesota and Digital Marketing Speaker at the most important industry conferences, like HeroConf or SMX (Search Marketing Expo). Jeff is listed in the top 25 most influential PPC Experts internationally and is a full-time Internet Marketer since 2005. In the 13 years since, Jeff has managed to grow his own company, Three Deep Marketing – with over 500% to over 6 million dollars in revenue annually, successively entering the top Inc 5000 in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Jeff Sauer teaches certified PPC, Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing courses, and has so far transformed over 10.000 Digital Marketers into Google Certified Professionals. He also manages million-dollar budgets annually for companies that invest in AdWords and closely monitors several hundred Google Analytics accounts for the business that he offers consultancy services to.


Marcus Tandler

Co-Founder and Managing Director RYTE GmbH

Marcus Tandler is Co-Founder and Managing Director at RYTE, formerly – an award-winning SaaS Tech-Startup with the mission to help webmasters develop better websites. Marcus is passionate about SEO and has been working in the industry for about 20 years. In 2017 he has been honored as “European Search Personality of the Year” at the renowned European Search Awards in Krakow. Marcus is one of the best SEO experts worldwide, a regular speaker at various conferences around the world, such as: TEDx, LeWeb, The Next Web, SMX and O’Reilly’s web2.0 expo. Marcus was also invited to speak at in-house events at Google, Microsoft, Facebook et. al.

Karl Gilis AG Consult GPeC Summit Bucharest Romania


Co-Founder AG Consult & The Conversion Comedian

Karl Gilis is the co-founder of AG Consult, one of the best-known Usability and Conversion Optimization agencies in Belgium. Fed-up with speculation and feel-based opinions, Karl became obsessed with Data-Driven UX and makes website optimizations based solely on research and measurable results, especially since A/B tests allow him to examine the impact of the recommended solutions and of the website changes. Also known as “The Conversion Comedian”, Karl gives a real performance on every stage he hops on, combining – in his unique style – premium know-how with entertaining real-life analogies meant to stir laughter and applause from the audience.


Ricardo Tayar

Co-Founder and CEO Flat 101

Ricardo Tayar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Flat 101 – one of the most renown Digital Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization agencies in Spain. Ricardo has over 20 years of experience in Conversion Optimization, Analytics and SEO, and he is currently investing time in developing UX and A/B Testing. He is the main author of “CRO. Digital business design & development” and a speaker to the main industry conferences, such as SMXL Milan, The Inbounder NYC sau Measure Camp London.

Darren Elliott Taboola GPeC SUMMIT

Darren Elliott

Sales Director Taboola UK

Darren Elliott leads the Media team of TaboolaNative Advertising & Content Discovery platform, a Digital innovative field. Through search engines, users find answers to their questions / research, but what happens when users would like a product, but cannot reach it because they don’t know how to search for it? Taboola is the platform that does reverse engineering and offers users customized recommendations. It is now used by numerousbig brands, such as Intel, Microsoft, Marks & Spencer, Capital One or Expedia, as well as the most important start-ups in UK.


Iulian Stanciu


Iulian Stanciu is the CEO of eMAG, the biggest Romanian online shop, owner of NOD (Network One Distribution), owner of Flanco and investor in other Romanian businesses. Currently, Iulian focuses on extending the eMAG Marketplace, the system through which the eMAG partners display their offer on the platform.

Felix Patrascanu FAN Courier

Felix Pătrășcanu

Founding Member & Managing Partner FAN Courier

Felix Pătrășcanu is Founding Member and Managing Partner of FAN Courier, leading company on the Romanian courier services market, founded in 1998 together with brothers Adrian and Neculai Mihai. The company with exclusive Romanian capital became the market leader in 2006 and constantly strengthened its position thanks to the investments and the new services with added value, serving over 40,000 customers.


Florin Filote

eMAG Marketplace Director

With over 14 years of experience in retail, FMCG and industrial sector, in companies such as Selgros Cash & Carry (one of the largest players in modern retail), Vel Pitar (the Romanian bakery market leader) or Ecopack (the oldest packaging manufacturer from corrugated cardboard in Romania), Florin Filote leads eMAG Marketplace since 2015. During this time, the platform saw a spectacular increase in the number of partner shops with more than 27.000 sellers expected by the end of this year in all four countries where eMAG is present. Founded in 2001 by Romanian entrepreneurs, eMAG is a pioneer of the online commerce market in Romania and has become a regional player with presence in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. For 16 years, eMAG has been constantly investing in technology-based services developed in Romania, to help customers save time and money.


Gabriel Ghiță

VP Business Development Mastercard Central and Eastern Europe

Gabriel Ghiță is Vice President of Mastercard, leading the business development team within the Central and Eastern Europe Division. Gabriel’s and his team’s responsibilities focus on implementing emerging payment technologies and identifying new business opportunities in areas such as e-commerce, online payments, instant payments or digital wallets. Gabriel joined Mastercard in 2007 to manage the company’s business development in Romania and the Balkans, and has over 17 years of experience in the electronic payment industry. Gabriel graduated from the Faculty of Management at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.


Lucian Aldescu

CEO DPD România

In 1997, together with James Gray-Cheape, Lucian Aldescu founds Pegasus Courier, the first Same Day courier company in Bucharest. Pegasus was acquired in 2008 by GeoPost group, changing its name to DPD Romania. In 2008, Lucian became CEO of DPD Romania – part of DPD Group, the second largest road courier in Europe. Lucian Aldescu is an MBA graduate of the Tiffin University and was President of A.O.C.R.  between 2009 and 2011.

Bogdan Colceriu Frisbo fulfillment

Bogdan Colceriu

CEO Frisbo

With over 11 years of Marketing experience, Bogdan Colceriu is currently offering consultancy to some major companies on the Romanian market, being a renown strategist for both online and offline businesses. Bogdan Colceriu is CEO at Frisbo, the first e-fulfillment platform in Romania, the co-founder of and an associate at As a marketing specialist dedicated to e-commerce, Bogdan has to offer valuable insights, dos and don’ts and real examples on operating and marketing the online shop.


Árpád Deák

Revenue Director Austria & Eastern Europe @Emarsys

Árpád Deák is the Revenue Director for Austria and Eastern Europe, being responsible for the existing business and growth as well as the development of Emarsys technologies and solutions in the region. At his former job at Superfund, Árpád was responsible for group development business for the markets in Austria and Germany, North and South America.


Cristina Pateșan

Head of Digital Orange România

Cristina Pateșan has been with Orange România for 18 years and has over 10 years of experience in marketing.  experiență de peste 10 ani în domeniul marketingului. For nearly two years she has taken over the position of Head of Digital and leads the team in charge of the online shop, My Orange, e-Help, digital marketing and UX / IU.


Dragoș Stanca

Founder ICEEfest

Dragoș Stanca is, for 10 years, the founder of ICEEfest – the most important Digital festival in the region. He is also Managing Partner of THINKDIGITAL, a company that operates the largest local online advertising network in Romania. In the 1990s, prior to his antreprenorial career, Dragos was a journalist at Radio Contact, Ringier and Mediafax. After 2000 he became the print and online general manager of PubliMedia (now part of the Mediafax Group) and then general manager of F5, the former Realitatea-Caţavencu media group.


Sorin Mihai Nistor

Commercial Director DHL

Sorin has a long experience in sales management, having joined DHL Express 18 years ago in Kuwait as Area Sales Manager. Over time he has held the following positions: Country Manager in Oman between 2009 and 2011, Regional Account Manager in Bahrain between 2011 and 2015. He moved to Romania in 2015 to take over the position of National Account Manager and afterwards became Sales and Marketing Manager. In all of these roles, Sorin has demonstrated an excellent ability to manage and develop relationships with DHL customers, often in extremely demanding environments.


Andrei Buzgan

CEO Credius

Andrei Buzgan is the CEO of Crediusa company that resumed crediting without an income certificate, introduced the online loan term, fully automated the credit approval system, and made it possible to fund in the diaspora. Credius also introduced an authorized electronic signature system for online credit agreements, thus implementing the Paperless Loan term in Romania. With the help of partners willing to innovate, Andrei created CrediusPay, CredimatikNetwork and Online-Online.

Miklos Szoboszlay

Division Manager GLS România

MBA Graduate at Trinity College Dublin, with over 25 years experience in multinational companies in various fields, Miklos Szoboszlay is, since 2008, a member of the GLS Romania team. GLS Romania is part of the GLS Group, the third largest player on the post market in Europe. Since 2010, Miklos becomes the Division Manager of GLS Romania, actively participating in the continuous growth of the company that meets the needs of over 1.600 customers every day.


Monica Jitariuc

Managing Director MSLGROUP The Practice

Monica Jitariuc is a renowned professional with extensive communication experience, and a career of over 17 years working both for client and agency. She started doing institutional PR within the Ministry of National Defense. She then worked in advertising, internal marketing and PR. In 2010 she set up then led the social media department of MSLGROUP The Practice, the most renowned Romanian PR agency. Together with the agency’s team, Monica has contributed to successful campaigns in diverse industries, many of them awarded at local and international competitions. She is a trainer and acclaimed conference speaker. She teaches the social media afterwork class at DallesGo.


Raluca Radu

Country Manager & Founder MTH Digital

Raluca Radu is Country Manager at, Founder of MTH Digital and GPeC Co-organizer. With over 13 years of experience in digital marketing and online business strategy, Raluca is actively involved in the growth and education of the e-commerce market, being an e-commerce trainer at DallesGO and an online strategy and marketing consultant for digital business start-ups. In the past, Raluca has dealt with the marketing and growth of and has successfully led teams and online projects within Naspers, The Group, F64, Automation and Computers graduate as well as a math enthusiast, Raluca is convinced that data and logic are the basis for an effective business strategy.

Bogdan Manolea

Co-Founder & Co-Organizer GPeC

Bogdan Manolea is a legal consultant interested in information technology law, intellectual/industrial property, but also in any field involving law, the Internet and civic attitude. Bogdan is the Co-Founder of (The Trustmark offered to Online Shops in Romania), the Executive Director of the Technology and Internet Association and the owner of the Internet Laws website, which, since 2001, analyses the main developments in the field of information technology.


Horia Neagu

Digital Marketing Consultant

Horia Neagu (Owner & Digital Marketing Consultant Napoleon.Digital) would describe himself as a citizen of the internet and a digital know-it-all. While some remember their first love, Horia keeps the memory of his first searches on Lycos, the first website built on GeoCities and the first IRC botnet channel. He has been working in the Digital Marketing field for almost 15 years, having contributed to the success of marketing campaigns for industries such as telecom, banking, pharma, airline, ticketing, publishing, food & beverages and politics.


Robert Berza

General Manager Fashion Days & Growth Evangelist eMAG Fashion

Robert Berza is General Manager of Fashion Days for operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as the Fashion coordinator of the eMAG group (eMAG Fashion) and leads a team of over 300 online retail and fashion specialists. With nearly 15 years of experience in e-commerce, digital media and marketing, Robert Berza has contributed to the development of several national and international brands. Prior to joining the Fashion Days team, Robert was Country Manager at Zoot Romania, Marketing Manager at eMAG Romania, Head of Internet Division for CME (the company that owns ProTV) and Internet Manager at ProTV.


Alex Dona

Managing Partner

Alex Dona is, for almost 6 years, Managing Partner at – “independent publication of deliberate gag”. With a large experience in TV, print, BTL and digital, Alex is a supporter of the brand-centric strategy, being a cross-platform media specialist. Beginning this year, he also hosts the show “On the rocks” on Rock FM. His belief: “a strong brand is not afraid to defy the ordinary.”.


Miruna Mitu

Online Marketing & Communication Manager MOBEXPERT

With 8 years of experience in digital, social media and e-commerce, Miruna Mitu is currently coordinating the Digital Communication and Marketing department at Mobexpert. Beginning 2013, Miruna is part of the Mobexpert team where she helped develop the company’s online communication strategy by exploring all digital media, social media, email marketing, PPC marketing, inbound marketing. She started her career with the WebDigital and MSL Group The Practice teams, where she did her digital training while working for brands such as Samsung, Avon, Fashion Days and Redd’s.

Raul Filip

Purchasing Director ALTEX Romania

Raul Filip is the Purchasing Director of Altex Romania, where he leads the company’s business to strengthen its leadership position through sustainable development, with a client-centered strategy. With over 17 years of experience in Electro-IT retail, he has held management positions in leading companies such as Samsung Electronics Romania or Carrefour Romania. Raul is the supporter of a participatory management manner, encouraging the open dialogue in order to find solutions to business challenges.


Dorin Boerescu

CEO 2Performant

Dorin Boerescu is CEO at, company that develops a marketplace for marketing services specialized for e-commerce. Since 2015, the platform is available worldwde, with a focus on countries in the EU. Previously, Dorin was co-founder of a few advertising companies –  Hyperactive (performace agency – 2008), Bakemono (online publisher – 2009), Agrafa (digital printing house – 2004), Speed Promotion (currently Godmother – full-service agency). Dorin was a speaker at dozens of marketing and e-commerce events in Romania, Poland, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Croatia and a promoter of the democratization of marketing in e-commerce.

Andrei Cânda

Managing Partner iSense Solutions

Andrei Cânda is Managing Partner of the research company iSense Solutions, coordinating and supervising over 600 market research projects in online and traditional retail industries (IKA, DIY, fashion, pharmaceutical), e-commerce, consumer goods, large use goods, media, tourism, auto, financial services, IT&C, pharmaceutics, agriculture and social fields. Andrei has over 12 years of experience in marketing research, both through client work (collaboration with some of the biggest retailers), as well as in companies specialized in research and marketing research.


Liviu Taloi

Co-Founder ECOMpedia

Liviu Taloi is Co-Founder of the ECOMpedia project, having over 17 years of online marketing experience and over 12 in e-commerce. Liviu was, among other things, PR Manager at eMAG, and in 2005 he founded Web Audit, a web consulting company specialized in e-commerce and website evaluation. Liviu was selected regional trainer in the Google Partner Academy on Google Analytics by Cardinal Path. He also has a GAIQ Certified – Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Mihai Vînătoru

Head of SEO & Managing Partner DWF

Mihai Vînătoru is Head of SEO and Managing Partner at DWF – one of the largest SEO agencies in Romania. DWF currently manages over 70 optimization campaigns for online shops or companies with national visibility, in fields such as auto, tourism, health, finance, home & deco, etc. Using the most advanced SEO tools available and lots of experience, DWF specialists provide powerful and measurable SEO campaigns.


Oana Antohe

eMAG Marketplace Seller Performance Manager RO/BG/HU/PL

After 2 years of offline B2B experience as Trade Marketing Manager, Oana joined eMAG in 2016 and built the basis for the eMAG Marketplace Seller Performance department. The main objective of her team is to offer and develop online customer-oriented behavior for the eMAG Marketplace partners and to provide customized solutions to increase their sales.


Cătălin Sterian

Marketplace Sales Manager Romania Hardlines & PL

Catalin has over 13 years of experience in sales, building and developing teams. Catalin started at eMAG Corporate Division and after 4 years joined the eMAG Marketplace team, where he coordinated the Hardlines Division for Romania. Catalin also contributes to the development of eMAG in Poland, coordinating the Marketplace team.


Cristi China-Birta

Blogger and Entrepreneur 2.0

Cristian China-Birta writes for 10 years on his blog During this time he has published more than 13.000 articles and has organized over 300 campaigns with and for bloggers. At the same time, he participated as a blogger in over 200 campaigns. He has held over 100 social media trainings at the request of various companies and agencies, being a speaker at more than 100 events where the main debate was social media and digital communication. Since 2013, Cristian runs the social media agency Kooperativa 2.0, specialized in actions that target bloggers, with over 400 campaigns organized for them.


Dragoș Smeu

General Manager Mavericks

Dragoș Smeu is General Manager and trainer at Mavericks and has over 8 years of experience in performance media and online marketing. He is specialized in performance media and a Google certified trainer, so far investing budgets of over 2 million euros in performance campaigns, for over 200 clients in over 120 different activity domains: from online bookshops, fashion and agriculture, to B2B or online platforms for the beer industry, beauty or FMCG. Among his clients we find some big names such as as well as established brands like Alevia, Mega Image, Ceresit or Toyota.

Doina Vîlceanu

CMO ContentSpeed

Doina Vîlceanu coordinates the Marketing and Sales department at ContentSpeed, market leader in implementing custom software solutions for e-commerce. The ContentSpeed e-commerce platform is deployed for over 600 online stores and 35 B2B portals. Among the brands in the company’s portfolio are: SEPHORA, Diverta, IL PASSO, Chicco, QuickMobile, Flormar, Betty Ice.

Mircea Căpățînă

Co-Founder Smart Bill

Co-Founder of Smart Bill, Mircea Căpățînă chose the path of entrepreneurship almost 12 years ago. He started from scratch with his partners and friends, Ioana and Radu Hasan, to build what today is a company with 55 employees and over 55.000 customers, which has the mission to reinvent the way in which businesses operate in Romania.

Anabela Luca 2018

Anabela Luca

CEO adLemonade

Anabela Luca is CEO at and Google Trainer with over 9 years experience in online marketing. Within the agency, Anabela manages budgets of over 3 million euros annually and has worked so far with over 300 customers, the largest of which has budgets over $ 800,000 / month. The customer portfolio includes brands such as Jolidon, Publi24, Catena, Deichmann, Continental Automotive and other online shops.
As a trainer, she is actively involved in educating the market through dedicated training in both Google programs and personalized AdWords courses developed within the agency.

Ionuț Munteanu

Managing Partner WebDigital

Ionuț Munteanu is a Managing Partner and trainer at WebDigital. He is licensed in psychology and sociology and has extensive experience both from the client’s perspective as well as the agency’s. He has embraced the wonders of online marketing for more than 10 years and is in constant search and optimization of the best marketing formulas that combine curiosity about people’s behavior and predictability. WebDigital – a PPC marketing-specialized agency, was founded in 2009, has over 100 active portfolio clients and specializes in promotional campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Webdigital is a Google Premier and Facebook partner agency.


Mihai Pătrașcu

CEO evoMAG & Shareholder

Mihai Pătraşcu is one of the most famous Romanian entrepreneurs. Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Mihai Pătraşcu founded evoMAG in 2005, while he was only 22 years old. 13 years after its entrepreneurial debut, evoMAG is one of the most important companies in the Romanian e-commerce industry. It has over 20 million businesses and sells over 170.000 IT & C, electronics, auto, personal care, sports & fitness and new-born baby products. Since 2010, Mihai Pătraşcu is also a shareholder of, the largest online watch shop in Romania.

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