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Discover the Brain Science that Drives Buyer Behavior

Every day behavioral scientists uncover new information that confirms people don’t think about what they do. Instead, they conserve mental energy and react automatically – relying on hard-wired decision defaults that influence everything from what they read… to whom they trust… to when they buy!

In fact, science has proven that 95% of purchase decision-making takes place in the subconscious mind.

If you want your marketing messages to persuade people to act now, you need to know how to trigger these automatic actions. And you want proven tactics that are easy to use.

In this example-jammed presentation, you’ll discover 9 specific decision-making shortcuts all humans have, and how you can add them to your marketing messages to improve results instantly. Don’t risk being ignored, overlooked, or forgotten. Gain your competitive advantage by creating marketing that hacks people’s brains.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how to easily increase engagement and response to emails, ads, and webpages with messaging that triggers automatic, instinctive behavior – including one tactic that makes people four times more likely to buy right away
  • Find out how your creative can strategically tap the mental shortcuts customers and prospects use to make their buying decisions – including the magic word that gets people to agree with you before they even finish reading what you wrote
  • See numerous examples of in-market creative that demonstrate how to effectively add proven brain science principles to your campaigns to lift ROI – including one campaign that increased purchase intent by 13%
English Session | Simultaneous Translation in Romanian Available

Nancy Harhut (Behavioral Marketing Expert & Author | HBT Marketing)

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