Weekly News: US and Russian markets, Affiliate Ranking by 2Performant, Selgros Travel platform

US consumers want more features from e-commerce apps

Consumers increasingly want and expect high-tech, personalized experiences on e-commerce apps, with at least 80% of the 505 consumers wanting app features that allow them to purchase directly through the app, sync loyalty rewards and receive discounts.

According to a new survey from Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews firm, many would also opt-in for product recommendations, personalized experiences, augmented reality features, and social media integration.

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First historical leaders in Affiliate Ranking by 2Performant

On 6th of August 2017, we launched Affiliate Ranking – the first permanent affiliate ranking based on the number of approved commissions generated in the last 90 days. This ranking is visible only within the 2Performant platform – for all active advertisers and listed affiliates. Based on it, the advertisers can contact affiliates and initiate collaborations for the first time. Also, affiliates will always know their position within the ranking – both in each category and in the general one. The ranking includes all new affiliates + old affiliates who opt to display their position.

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Online shopping is the main engine of parcel delivery companies

The courier industry is developing at the same rate as the Romanian economy and is influenced by the technological innovations, the growth of the consuming appetite and other advancements on the market.

Roxana Magopeț, Marketing and Communication Executive at FAN Courier says: “For this fiscal year, we expect that the market grows by 15-20%. But the growth is organic and is influenced by many factors. Basically, the market pushes you to innovate, to invest, to continue developing and offering to clients the services they need”.

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Selgros launches the Selgros Travel platform

Retailer Selgros Cash&Carry Romania launches the Selgros Travel platform, operated by TUI Travel Center. The platform is developed together with the partner TUI TravelCenter, one of the most important tourism players at the global level and will present monthly 10 touristic packages to popular and exotic destinations at special prices. Also, the platform offers the possibility of hotels booking worldwide. Romanians interested in travelling can find a holiday of a week in the Cubanese resort Vardero. Other examples are the holidays in the Greek island Santorini in September and a New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

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Current Russian e-commerce trends show a shift towards a standard European trend

The 2017 forecast shows that 800 million Russians will use smartphones, which continues to grow in the following years, expected to reach 910 million mobile users by the year 2020. Approximately 50% of Russians shopped online in 2016. However, most Russians seem to be ‘occasionally online buyers’, as only 21% of daily online users state they frequently buy goods online. In 2016, 64% of Russian e-shoppers made at least one unplanned purchase; the biggest trigger for Russian e-shoppers to purchase spontaneously are discounts and deals.

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