Author: George Hari Popescu

Freelance Communications Consultant and Translation Assistant for Creative Commons.

The biggest marketplaces in Europe, how the system works, customers love next-day delivery

→ The biggest marketplaces in Europe (and the Romanian ones)
→ VIDEO > How the feedback system works
→ Next-day delivery rises by 50% among European retailers
→ 5 Psychological Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing
→ European retailers ditch Facebook likes from websites

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FAN Courier goes to Hungary, Amazon launches Part Finder, expands to Europe

FAN Courier expands to Hungary “Our strategy includes development in the region, thanks to millions of Romanians working abroad and foreign companies operating in Romania. We are already present in Bulgaria and will open a working point with storage space in Hungary from autumn, “said FAN Courier. Last year, the company’s turnover exceeded 131 million euros, up 13.2% over the previous year’s results. “The budget for 2018 was built taking into account two scenarios: pessimistic, for which we are also preparing for a possible stagnation and a realistic prudent scenario in which we anticipate an increase of 10%.”

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Online shops will pay for return deliveries, how to deliver by electrical scooter, what to post on Instagram

Online merchants will pay for the return shipping Vendors will have to pay all shipping costs for returned products, according to a bill which is to be adopted by the Parliament. The MPs also wanted to make it as clear as possible that the product replacing the defective product would benefit from a new 2-year warranty period starting from the date of the change of the product, respecting exactly the technical specifications of the product originally sold. After the final vote in Parliament, the draft will be submitted for adoption to President Iohannis.

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Amazon patents new delivery drones, what are the Facebook Ad Collection, e-commerce growth in Europe

Amazon patents hijack-proof delivery drones The company filed a patent titled “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles” two years ago, and it was finally approved last week. The patent is specifically designed for delivery vehicles, and its aimed at preventing “nefarious individuals” from taking over the company’s drones. Although there’s no guarantee that this patented technology will ever see the light of day, it’s still considered a major development — especially for an e-commerce giant like Amazon — since it could revolutionize the company’s delivery capabilities. → Read more at Mashable Only authorized online pharmacies will be able to sell non-prescribed drugs The legislative Proposal for amending and completing the Law no. 266/2008 on how pharmacies work and how to sell drugs is promulgated and it will allow pharmacies to sell medicines without prescription on-line. Online drug sales will only be allowed under certain conditions to be set by the Ministry

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Facebook is chasing fake products, Carrefour launches the marketplace, IKEA opens pick-up points

Franprix tests home delivery while customer is away French supermarket chain Franprix has started tests with delivering groceries to the customer’s home, while the customer isn’t at home during the delivery. Franprix is the first company to test this kind of service in France. If the experiment is a success, Franprix wants to launch the service in the Parisian region by the end of this year or early 2019, LSA writes. Since the end of April, Franprix has been testing this type of delivery service with a dozen beta testers. → Read more at Ecommerce News Facebook cracks down on sellers of junky products Facebook is getting tougher with businesses that advertise products that are unsatisfactory or aren’t delivered on time. The social media giant’s new feature lets people leave reactions about their shopping experience after seeing an ad and making a purchase through the platform’s mobile app or website. The

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