Month: August 2019

Ian Jindal - eCommerce challanges in 2019

It’s the best time to start-up in e-commerce. Interview with Ian Jindal (Internet Retailing) at GPeC SUMMIT May 2019

After studying thousands of online businesses, Ian Jindal, Founder of Internet Retailing magazine thinks the Romanian digital retail market has a few particularities. First, there is a small number of global players selling into Romania, while very few local players sell cross-border. What we’ll see over the coming years is that more global players will deliver to and sell in Romania, so there will be an increase in competition, and some of the bigger Romanian players will start selling cross-border.

Check out the interview below for his insights on growing opportunities for start-ups and mid-sized companies in the following years.

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Wil Reynolds - SEO ranking at GPeC SUMMIT

Talking SEO with Wil Reynolds: “The best SEO tactic is to build up on your brand”

There are many types of SEO practices, from technical, to content and link-building. How do you know which one’s best for your online business? If you really want to see a good return on your investment, Wil Reynolds believes you have to start from a place of data.

Wil Reynolds is the Founder and Strategy Director of Seer Interactive, a company that he set up on his own in 2002, offering SEO, PPC and Analytics services for all types of businesses. Wil has 15 years of experience in search trends and is regularly invited at the most important marketing conferences around the world to talk about the future of search and content marketing.

Wil came to keynote for the first time in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT on big data and e-commerce search marketing. In the interview below we talk about the main ideas he delivered on stage.

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