News of the week: U.S. e-commerce on the rise, Amazon goes handmade, Macy’s shuts down brick-and-mortar shops

Here are the most important news pieces about e-commerce from the last 7 days.

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U.S. e-commerce growing and growing


E-commerce sales grew 15.8% in the second quarter, according to the U.S. Commerce Department, says Factoring out the sales of products not normally conducted online, e-commerce accounted for 10.9% of retail sales during the period. The second quarter was a particular bright period for e-commerce in the U.S., according to a report from the U.S. Commerce Department.


There’s something about card payments in Romania…

Card payments are still a low figure in the total online transactions numbers and the shop owners bear a part of the guilt, says Antonio Eram, founder of Netopia. What has to know an online business wich wants to introduce the e-payment, why Romanians don’t pay by card and much more, in this article at


Amazon goes handmade

After launching a section for handmade products in the US last year, Amazon is now rolling out its Handmade portal in all five Amazon European marketplaces (,,, and, Soon customers can buy and sell handmade products online, similar to websites as Etsy and German marketplace DaWanda.


Macy’s shuts down 100 more stores

Macy’s plans to close 100 of its 675 department stores following a drop in its profitability. It will use some of those resources to double down on its digital operations and on its best-performing stores reports CMS Wire quoted by Ecommerce IQ. Macy’s estimates the annual sales volume it would lose from these 100 stores combined is roughly $1 billion after factoring the revenue it expects to retain due to nearby stores and the web.