David Darmanin is looking forward to share with you “The Rise of the User” at GPeC Summit May 25-26-27!

David Darmanin HotjarDavid Darmanin, CEO & Founder Hotjar, will join GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 and will deliver an amazing keynote speech about “The Rise of the User“. His keynote is focused on the idea that there is no other mass growth engine more important than knowing and valuing one’s own customers. This is exactly where Hotjar, the most innovative and fast growing web analytics tool of the moment, comes in. Hotjar helps you with an all-in-one user analytics tool, delivering web analytics, heatmaps and information on user behavior.

David himself explains the topic of his keynote in the below video:

Just as David is telling you, it’s pretty obvious that you should’t miss GPeC Summit May 25-26-27. The event agenda can be checked on our website and registrations for GPeC Summit are done by filling in the online formmhere: http://www.gpec.ro/en/registration-gpec-summit-may/


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