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GPeC 2019 Romanian E-Commerce Report: over 4.3 billion euro revenue, a 20% growth compared to 2018

According to the Romanian Online Shops Association’s (ARMO) estimations, the e-commerce sector exceeded the 4.3 billion euro threshold at the end of 2019, 20-22% more than in 2018 when the value of online commerce was estimated to an approximate 3.6 billion euro.

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Ryan Holiday - Speaker at GPeC SUMMIT November 2019

Ryan Holiday, for the first time in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT November 4-5, 2019

Ryan Holiday, the bestselling Stoic author, marketer and entrepreneur who turned ancient philosophy into core principles for marketing tactics, speaks for the first time on a stage in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT. Join us on November 4-5 to meet the famous author of Trust Me, I’m Lying, Growth Hacker Marketing, The Obstacle Is The Way and Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts, bestselling books that sold nearly two million copies and have directly influenced companies like Google, Twitter and Microsoft. Looking forward to meet him? Read more.

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GPeC 2020. Dan Ariely, first time speaking in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT

The rational thing to do these days would be to disclose our next speakers at GPeC SUMMIT 2019. We know! But today we’re unable to be rational. For, today we’re excited and proud to announce that we bring to Romania, for the first time ever, the Irrationally Yours, Professor Dan Ariely. According to Bloomberg, Dan is one of the top 50 most influential thinkers of our times. Combining cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, he has dedicated his life and career to investigating human irrational behavior.

Dan Ariely speaks for the first time in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT November 2020, in an attempt to understand the irrational consumer. Learn more about Dan.

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Ecommerce Europe members and online businesses interested in entering the Polish market have now access to, a knowledge platform on Polish and international e-commerce. The website gives access to reports and materials about national and European markets and it facilitates the access to the Polish market for those interested in creating partnerships in the region.

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E-commerce Market Report 2017: Romanians purchased online 2.8 billion euro worth of products (UPDATE with infographic)

According to figures and estimates of the main players in the Romanian e-commerce, together with GPeC (all sources are mentioned at the end of the report), the value of online shopping reached 2.8 billion euros in 2017, at least 40% more than in 2016 (when the total gross was of 1.8 to 2 billion euros). It means that Romanians spent an average of 7.67 million euros every day in 2017, for online shopping. The 2.8 billion euros refer strictly to e-tail, to physical (tangible) products that were ordered online and it doesn’t include services, utility bills, air tickets, holidays, hotel bookings, show tickets, downloadable content etc. If we added those, the total amount of online purchases would increase considerably. E-commerce share of total retail: 5.6% The increase of approx. 40% year over year, recorded by the Romanian e-commerce market, is one of the highest in the European Union. The value

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