Danish people carefully choose products online and Swedish women massively doubt online products

Denmark: 84% of the online population shopped online in 2016

Danish online shoppers expected a delivery service within two business days. However, last year there was a increased growth of e-shoppers picking up their online purchases instead of having them delivered at home (43%). This shows that online retailers are currently lacking in this expectation.

84% of the online population shopped online in 2016 and ages 16-24 and 35-44 are the largest groups purchasing online. The most popular product categories are: Clothing/footwear, Home electronics, Media Health/beauty Sport/leisure articles, Children’s goods/toys, Consumables, Car/boat/motorcycle accessories. 47% of e-shoppers use retailer information before buying and most e-shoppers do not buy through online advertisements.

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Sweden: 80% of the population shopped online in 2016

Swedish men research products less than women but with a higher purchase rate, while women research products more and purchase less. The most popular product category is clothing and footwear. 80% of the population shopped online in 2016 and the e-commerce turnover expected to increase by 16.9% in 2017.

Surprisingly, 35% of consumers purchased online 1-2 times per month. Also, ages 25 -34 purchased online the most. In Sweden, 86% of enterprises have mobile compatible websites.

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