Romanians don’t like shopping for groceries online

Romania is well behind the curve with 0.2% of grocery sales occurring online, writes The Merkle. To put this into perspective, 6.9% of all UK grocery sales occur through e-commerce, which is quite a high number. This shows a large gap between different countries on the same continent, which leaves room for entrepreneurs to find solutions to close it.

groceries-onlineAt the same time, several countries also offer more ways to buy groceries online compared to others. In the UK and France, there are several ways to do so. In Romania, Italy, and Austria, options are very limited. It seems that for some reason, in those countries there does not seem to be an overly large demand to purchase groceries online.

New research by Kantar Worldpanel goes to show the e-commerce industry is not all black-and-white. When it comes to the percent of grocery sales occurring online, Europe falls into agray area. Contrary to what some people may think, plenty of consumers still rely on brick-and-mortar locations for grocery shopping.

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