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What’s next for image and voice search?

Search Engine Watch is trying to see where we are now in the field of online image and voice search and what are the trends. Here are the most important points from the article. Forward-thinking businesses are already using this new form of machine learning AI image recognition to allow users to search for products using pictures to find the same or similar looks and outfits they stock. However, does this mean intelligent image search is the next big thing? Google (as well as others) has recently started integrating features to enable users to shop for products captured with a smartphone. While image search will have its practical uses, the current siloed implementations in smart devices are likely to have a very limited impact on general search behavior for now. While basic applications of image search can be used to identify what products are available, the technology will continue to

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1.85 trillion USD is the forecasted turnover for global e-commerce in 2017

The global ecommerce market continues to flourish in 2017 with a growth rate of 17% and forecasted turnover of $1.85 trillion. Global online retail is increasing rapidly with a forecasted growth rate of 17% in 2017. Asia now ‘owns’ 50% of the global ecommerce market. This is one of the many interesting findings of the Global Ecommerce Report 2017. The report reveals ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers insights into each region of the global ecommerce industry. Asia (20%+) is booming North America (9%+) is slowing down South America (16.5%+) and the Middle East & Africa (11%+) are growing strongly but surprisingly not as quickly as Europe (19%+). The report displays a correlation between social media and ecommerce trends. Over 53% of global consumers state that social media affects their online purchasing habits, and over 34% share their mobile purchase and online experiences via social media. Additionally, Facebook remains

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REPORT ‘Digitally-obsessed’ consumers want VR, innovation and care

One in five (23%) consumers is digitally obsessed, making almost all their purchases online, and inclined to shop with digitally advanced retailers, a new study suggests. This group, suggests the “Buying tomorrow report” (PDF file) from e-commerce consultancy Salmon, puts convenience and innovation ahead of the brand names, with almost nine in ten (88%) consumers saying that speed of delivery is more important to them than the brand being ordered (78%).

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REPORT Convenience, security, speed: the top 3 criteria for choosing a payment method

According to a new report from Germany-based secondary market research firm, “Europe Online Payment Methods: First Half 2017” (PDF file), the payment preferences of online shoppers in Europe differ by country. In several Eastern European nations, including Romania and Hungary, cash on delivery is still the top choice, although online card payments are on the rise. On average across the region, convenience, security and speed are the top 3 criteria for choosing a payment method.

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RTB House: artificial intelligence may boost online advertising

According to RTB House, if you look at the e-commerce industry, there are clearly recognisable sales peaks that humans can predict. General knowledge from research helps us to plan advertising campaigns and set specific parameters when we decide to pay more for an impression or prepare special creatives. But the real audience does not work under these simplistic constraints all the time. Your buying patterns can be extremely specific and combine multiple criteria. That’s why today’s digital marketing is, above all, the “one segment” and ads impact an individual based on their personal interests and desires. This happens in unpredictable sales spikes that humans can not know, such as buying a loved one’s birthday gift or planning a family event.

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