Weekly news: 2016 was a good year, Romanians plan to spend more this Christmas, the holiday season campigns

Here are the most important news pieces about e-commerce from the last 7 days.

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2016, a fruitful year for the Romanian e-commerce

gpec-logoAccording to estimations from GPeC, 2016 will see a turnover of 1.7 – 1.8 billion euros for the Romanian e-commerce (excluding services, air travel tickets, holidays, utility bills etc.), more than last year when we recorded 1.3 – 1.4 billion euros. GPeC will release more details on the blog soon, so stay tuned to find out how the Romanian e-commerce did this year!

Online shops from TRUSTED.ro started their holiday campaigns

logo-trustedRomanian online shops already started their special holiday discount campaigns. Some of them implemented special categories, others focused on special offers for their existing products, but all of them tried to offer something interesting to their customers. TRUSTED.ro took a look at the e-shops displaying the Trustmark on their websites and the result is on their blog. The article will be constantly updated with information about the progress of the campaigns.


Amazon GO: no cashiers, no registers, no lines

amazonThe online retail giant revealed a concept for a physical store: the store, called Amazon Go, doesn’t work like a typical Walmart or supermarket — instead, it’s designed so that shoppers will use an app, also called Amazon Go, to automatically add the products they plan to buy to a digital shopping cart; they can then walk out of the building without waiting in a checkout line. The stores will sell ready-made food, staples like bread and milk, and other grocery products. Amazon says its stores are about 1,800 square feet, so they are relatively small compared with big supermarkets.

Business Insider has more details


Romanians have more money to spend this holiday season

cadouriMore than 90% of the Romanian online shoppers plan to spend an average of 190 euros, according to a European research made by DPD Group. The budget of Romanians is equal to what Belgians intend to spend and is double the Croatians’ budget. Among the 21 countries that were analyzed, Romania is in the middle of the list. Our country is ahead of more powerful economies and of countries with a more developed e-commerce sector, such as The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Hungary.

Details at Capital


google-searches-romania-2016What is a “cocovan”?

According to Google, here are the most googled events in 2016: European Soccer Championship, the high school graduation exams, the Rio Olympics, Black Friday, the high school admission exams, Romania – Poland, Brexit, the US elections, the earthquake. In the cooking recipes section, Romanians searched a lot for “cocovan”, the phonetical transcript of the French dish “coq au vin”. The lists were put together by combining several services and tools that offer us a more detailed picture of the global and regional search trends on Google.

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