Why is search important and how it affects the revenue

Did you know that approximately 60% of visitors leave the eshop frustrated, because they couldn’t find what they are looking for? According to Luigi’s Box, visitors using site search have 4-5 times higher conversion rate, compared to those who just browse the eshop, because they know what they want to buy.

Luigi's box - Product search solution

Luigi’s Box is an award winning site search solution for ecommerce that has already over 200 customers in 15 countries. They are increasing sales and conversions through better search and product discovery experience. Unlike other search solutions, Luigi’s Box also provides a unique Search Analytics, that can be implemented to any platform with any search engine.

Thanks to the 14-day free trial with an evaluation from a Search expert, online stores can decide themselves, whether it is the right time to focus on search improvement/replacement or not. Their unique feature called “Query understanding” delivers the best possible experience in search results, as it shows more relevant results than a standard full-text search.

Luigi's box - Astratex autocomplete solution
Autocomplete on astratex.ro

Astratex.ro implemented Luigi’s Box Autocomplete in April 2018. Thanks to the machine-learning technology behind Luigi’s Box and the lightning-fast autocomplete, that can understand misspellings and typos, the total revenue from site search was increased by 44%. They have also implemented Faceted search from Luigi’s Box, with Query Understanding, which is ready to bring additional increase of the conversion rate. Astratex sells lingerie since the year 2000 and now operates in 9 countries in Europe.

Martin Rogozny’s reaction, who is the head of eCommerce at Astratex, was “Since the time we implemented Luigi’s Box on our stores, the conversion rate from search grows month-by-month. We are a data-oriented company, that is highly focused on ROI. Luigi’s Box does a great job and we are happy that they always come up with new features, such as Query understanding.”.

Luigi's box - Electronic star autocomplete solution
Autocomplete on electronic-star.ro

Electronic-star.ro is an e-commerce company operating in Central and Eastern Europe with 24 webshops. In the beginning of 2018 they have implemented Autocomplete from Luigi’s Box and today the visitors, who use Autocomplete have 5.2 times higher conversion rate than those who don’t use search at all.

Luigi's box - Electronic star conversion rate growth
Conversion rate growth at electronic-star.ro

“We use PowerBI to visualise the performance of almost everything at our company. Take a look at the figure and you will see, how Luigi’s Box helped us to increase the conversion rate”, said Jakub Zilincan, CMO of Electronic-star.

Luigi's box - Bonami autocomplete solution
Bonami.ro using Luigi’s Box Autocomplete

Bonami, one of the largest Home & Decor online store in Central Europe started using Luigi’s Box Autocomplete in 5 countries. The speed and the overall search experience has been improved instantly.

We have asked Gejza Nagy, the co-founder of Luigi’s Box, how he sees the e-commerce market in Romania:

“I have visited Romania 4 times in the past 6 months, including 2 GPeC events and a couple of other too, and I see that the e-commerce market is evolving, not just in terms of revenue but also in terms of adoption to new technologies. I am very happy that the agencies and especially the retailers understand the importance of search.”

Luigi’s Box is not just for eCommerce, they have also customers from the Enterprise segments such as Telco operators, Banks, Insurance companies, etc.

If you are interested in testing out Luigi’s Box for free, contact gejza.nagy@luigisbox.com or sign up at Luigisbox.com and use the promo code gpec2019 after the registration.