Month: September 2016

REPORT Europe’s e-commerce is faster, broader, closer to customers

“Selling into new markets is about more than language. It’s also about localisation through content that reflects the local culture”, writes Steven Ledgerwood, UK Managing Director at Emarsys, in the report “IREU Top 500: A performance ranking of Europe’s Top500 ecommerce and multichannel retailers”. The report is the first Europe-wide retail performance index, ranking the Top 500 most significant multichannel and eCommerce retailers from 31 countries (the members of the European Economic Area – EEA plus Switzerland), based on their performance across seven dimensions: Footprint Customer Operations and Logistics Merchandising Brand Engagement Mobile and Cross-channel Strategy and Innovation   IREU Top500 research shows that, as a group, leading European retailers are often starting to foster cross-border trade, but have by no means completed the task.

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REPORT How to engage and retain your customers with quality content

In today’s omnichannel landscape, discovery, research and purchase are part of the same process, and as a result the concept of distinct marketing and sales channels has vanished. Retailers, consumer brands and business sellers alike agree that content is essential to delivering an optimal digital experience that both differentiates and translates to sales. In a recent report called “Is Your Platform Ready for the Content & Commerce Collision?”, FitForCommerce begins by saying: On their path to purchase, both consumers and business buyers want to be educated, delighted and inspired, just as they are in stores. Savvy retailers are turning to “storytelling” and content marketing as a way to connect with prospective buyers and make themselves stand out in crowded marketplaces.

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