You own an online shop, but do you AMP with it?

google-ampGoogle has made some significant changes to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by rolling out Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for ecommerce. Anything that can increase conversion rates will always be welcome news for retailers, and the improvements in page load speeds that AMP brings will most likely help to achieve this. From now on, Google will display AMP pages in the search results, rather than just in the carousel.

The implications for ecommerce

cautare-google-ampGoogle says that AMP are a natural fit for ecommerce because they make webpages fast, and fast pages help with conversions. AMP could provide a boon for early adopters, as we will expect this to become the industry standard for all ecommerce sites in time.

This should be viewed as a great opportunity to provide a better mobile experience and increase conversion rates.

Google AMP isn’t technically a ranking signal and you have time to implement them till the end of the year. Implementing AMP may not be a straightforward process, but this open-source initiative does come with a lengthy list of best practices to aid developers.

Here are some advice from Search Engine Watch, for those of you who run your e-shops on WordPress.