Author: Alexandra Păunescu

GPeC Romanian E-Commerce 2020 Report: 5.6 billion euro worth of online shopping, a +30% YoY growth

According to ARMO (Association of Romanian Online Stores) estimates, the e-commerce sector exceeded the 5.6 billion euro threshold at the end of 2020, 30% more than in 2019 when the value of e-commerce was estimated at 4.3 billion euro. The increase was approx. 500 million euros over the initial forecasts, amid the COVID-19 pandemic which accelerated the online shopping rhythm, as well as the percentage of online card payments.

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header quote christian holst

When users get stuck: how to apply best practices in the order check-out flow

Shopping cart abandonment can happen at any step of the check-out process if online shops do not understand the user behaviour behind it and make an effort to apply best practices. We’ve talked about simple ways to resolve this issue with Christian Holst, Research Director & Co-founder Baymard Institute, and found out many other interesting user research results.

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GPeC 2019 Romanian E-Commerce Report: over 4.3 billion euro revenue, a 20% growth compared to 2018

According to the Romanian Online Shops Association’s (ARMO) estimations, the e-commerce sector exceeded the 4.3 billion euro threshold at the end of 2019, 20-22% more than in 2018 when the value of online commerce was estimated to an approximate 3.6 billion euro.

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How marketers can fight the impostor syndrome – Interview with Tiffany daSilva

After having to deal with impostor syndrome as a marketer for many years, Tiffany daSilva – founder DaSilva Consulting – decided to turn her experience into a lesson for marketers who struggle with the same issue. During this interview at GPeC SUMMIT in November 2019, she sat down with us and shared many useful insights about fighting the impostor syndrome and finding the right mindset to deal with professional failures. 

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