Donald Trump’s impact on the US and global e-commerce

A new president and federal administration inevitably bring change for businesses in the United States and for foreign firms that sell to U.S. consumers. With the inauguration of Donald Trump as president, e-commerce could change, though no one’s quite sure how, says Internet Retailer.


Because Trump is a Republican, it could mean more business-friendly policies that allow online retailers to grow, says Rachel Honoway, president of the board of directors at the Performance Marketing Association, a trade group that represents affiliate marketers. In terms of policies, Honoway says she’s keeping an eye on what, if anything, Trump might do about a national online sales tax. Right now, there is no such tax in place, however a number of states are moving to implement their own online sales tax rules.

Another area which may affect e-retailers is if Trump follows through on his stated goal to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports. Matt Kubancik, founder and CEO of Street Moda, says he hopes Trump’s policies bring more good jobs back to the United States because that will give consumers more money to spend online and in stores.

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Photo: Quinntheislander (Pixabay)