GPeC 2020. Dan Ariely, first time speaking in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT

Dan Ariely, speaker la GPeC SUMMIT 2020
Foto: Dan Ariely – PopTech 2010 – Camden, Maine

The rational thing to do these days would be to disclose our next speakers at GPeC SUMMIT 2019. We know!

But today we’re unable to be rational :) For, today we’re excited and proud to announce that we bring to Romania, for the first time ever, the Irrationally Yours, Professor Dan Ariely.

Dan hit the Bloomberg top 50 most influential thinkers of our times. His speeches on TED Talks exceed 10 million views. In 2010, he co-founded Beworks, the first consulting firm to apply behavioral science to marketing strategies. In 2012, Dan co-founded Timeful, the company that reinvents how people manage their most precious resource: time. The company was bought in 2015 by Google.

Dan became passionate about the science behind decision-making after a traumatic experience during his late teenage years. Having gone through a long recovery period in the hospital as a burn patient, he had the chance to observe the people around him making wrong decisions again and again. Seeing how they persisted in their errors, it became clear it was an issue worth exploring, so he dedicated his life and career to investigating human irrational behavior. His scientific research has confirmed, ever since, that in all aspects of their lives, people make far more irrational decisions than they would be tempted to believe.

Dan Ariely is a James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, scientific researcher, keynote speaker and best selling author. Irationally Yours, Predictably IrrationalThe Upside of Irrationality and The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty have all become New York Times best sellers.

“Unlike standard economics, behavioral economics does not assume that people are rational. Instead, behavioral economists start by figuring out how people actually behave, often in a controlled lab environment in which we can understand behavior better, and use this as a starting point for building our understanding of human nature. As a consequence of this different starting point, behavioral economists usually come to different conclusions about the logic and efficacy of almost anything, ranging from mortgages to savings to healthcare in both the personal and business realms.” – Dan Ariely

At GPeC SUMMIT 2020, Dan Ariely will raise up a new challenge for your e-commerce business: understanding the irrational customer. Get ready to reflect upon a really tough question for anybody in the retail business “What are the forces behind your customer’s buying decisions?“.

Dan is currently the co-founder of the Center for Advanced Hindsight, testing behavioral solutions to increase the financial well-being for low-to moderate-income people living in US. To this day, his unconventional experiments continue to explore the way people can take control over the decisions they make in every aspect of their lives, from finance, to health, education and well-being.

Dan Ariely will speak at GPeC SUMMIT in November 2020. Until then, you can read his Ask Ariely column in the Wall Street Journal, where he rationally gives advice on the economic and professional questions of his readers.

Rationally speaking, let’s not wait until next year to meet up. The following GPeC SUMMIT edition is much sooner, on May 27 and 28, 2019. We have carefully chosen our speakers, including Wil Reynolds, Jono Alderson, Karl Gilis, Gerry McGovern and many more to be announced soon, in a brand new setting at the National Theatre in Bucharest, for an absolutely memorable GPeC 14-year edition. Book your seat now and join the elite of the e-commerce and online marketing industry!