Oli Gardner for the first time in Romania at GPeC E-Commerce Summit November 24!

As you know, we promised to celebrate 10 years of GPeC e-commerce events in style with awesome speakers and even hotter events. For the spring edition of GPeC Summit May 11-12-13 we brought you Neil Patel, Chris GowardCraig Sullivan, Matthew Woodward, Ivan Mazour and Simo Ahava – now is the moment for you to meet other amazing international online marketing and e-commerce leaders. The first speaker we announce for the autumn edition of GPeC Summit, which will be held on November 24 in Bucharest, Romania, is Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce, one of the most popular landing page A/B testing tools in the world. Oli Gardner will be for the first time in Romania for GPeC Summit November 24 and we assure you that there is no way you should miss this amazing opportunity.

Oli Gardner“I became a marketer the day we started Unbounce. As early pioneers in the realm of content marketing, my goal was to position Unbounce as the global leader in everything related to landing pages and how to deliver high-converting and delightful marketing experiences.

Does this mean I considered legally changing my name to Landing Page, to get extra SEO love from my guest post byline? Yes it does.

Wild ideas create exceptional experiences, and that’s what I (and we at Unbounce) try to do in everything we create.

Today my focus is on speaking around the world at marketing conferences to help shape the next generation of marketing into something a bit more special than the last. “

So save the date and be there at GPeC Summit November 24!

Stay tuned as tickets will be available soon and we will announce more surprise speakers the following days.