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“If there are still people on the planet that haven’t heard of it, it’s new.” – An interview with Ryan Holiday

Getting attention or selling something you really believe in? A marketer’s focus has usually leaned towards the former, while the latter has proven itself to be more effective long term. In this very inspiring interview, Ryan Holiday, bestselling author and marketer, states clearly what a marketer’s duty is nowadays, which effective tactic they should use to drive sells and how to improve their marketing strategies.

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Larry Kim (WordStream): Google is still the king, but the shift in mobile is favorable for Facebook advertising

Larry Kim (Founder & CTO WordStream) has definitely been one of the most influential online marketers world-wide for the past few years, especially when it comes to PPC and this fact was also acknowledged by the PPC Hero Blog who named him the most influential PPC expert in 2014 and 2013. Larry Kim was present for the first time in Romania at GPeC Summit November 2015 and shared with the audience 10 Insanely Great Ways to Sell Your Stuff on Social Media. After the keynote, Larry was interviewed by our colleague – Raluca Radu (Digital Marketing Consultant) – and shared some more practical tips and tricks, which we hope you’ll find useful. According to the interview, Larry believes that the successful digital marketing mix for an average online marketing company would be somewhere around 50%-50% for customer acquisition (search ads covering branded terms and core keywords for the business) and customer retention (remarketing and

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