1.85 trillion USD is the forecasted turnover for global e-commerce in 2017

E-Commerce Foundation GPeC SUMMITThe global ecommerce market continues to flourish in 2017 with a growth rate of 17% and forecasted turnover of $1.85 trillion. Global online retail is increasing rapidly with a forecasted growth rate of 17% in 2017.

Asia now ‘owns’ 50% of the global ecommerce market. This is one of the many interesting findings of the Global Ecommerce Report 2017. The report reveals ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers insights into each region of the global ecommerce industry.

  • Asia (20%+) is booming
  • North America (9%+) is slowing down
  • South America (16.5%+) and the Middle East & Africa (11%+) are growing strongly but surprisingly not as quickly as Europe (19%+).

The report displays a correlation between social media and ecommerce trends. Over 53% of global consumers state that social media affects their online purchasing habits, and over 34% share their mobile purchase and online experiences via social media.

Additionally, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform for consumer feedback globally (average of 46%), and is the social media platform used by all generations.

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