Video interview with Ivan Mazour: All customers want to be treated as individuals

ivan-mazour-gpec-summit-2015-fotoGPeC Summit from May 2015 brought together incredible international speakers, including Ivan Mazour, CEO and Founder of Ometria. In this interview, Raluca Radu talks to Ivan about customer life cycle, content marketing and about his company Ometria, a predictive analytics and marketing platform built specifically for retailers.

Watch the video interview below or on the official GPeC Youtube channel!

Ivan Mazour is a Russian-born, London-based serial entrepreneur, investor and author. His company Ometria helps retailers use data to automate and personalize their communication with their customers. Ometria is his seventh company, in a career spanning various industries from property to education. Alongside this main role, he is also the Founding Partner of Innova Kapital – an early stage VC firm investing in UK-based technology startups, including successful companies like YPlan, Adbrain and organisations like Entrepreneur First. As well as holding multiple degrees in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and in Economics from the Open University, Ivan Mazour is the author of a number of books including “Russian Convoys – Memories of the Heart”.