FAN Courier goes to Hungary, Amazon launches Part Finder, expands to Europe

FAN Courier expands to Hungary

“Our strategy includes development in the region, thanks to millions of Romanians working abroad and foreign companies operating in Romania. We are already present in Bulgaria and will open a working point with storage space in Hungary from autumn, “said FAN Courier.

Last year, the company’s turnover exceeded 131 million euros, up 13.2% over the previous year’s results. “The budget for 2018 was built taking into account two scenarios: pessimistic, for which we are also preparing for a possible stagnation and a realistic prudent scenario in which we anticipate an increase of 10%.”

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Amazon launches “Part Finder”

The company has rolled out a new feature on mobile that lets you point your camera at the item in question, so Amazon can scan it, match it, then direct you to matching items from its product catalog. The feature is currently capable of identifying over 100 types of fasteners which represents thousands, if not millions of parts, Amazon says. It was built using technology developed by Partpic, a company Amazon acquired in 2016.

The feature takes advantage of the iPhone’s camera to identify the object in question – a process it walks you through when you first launch “Part Finder” by tapping the Camera button next to the search box in the Amazon app.

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Contactless payments with the smartphone are on the rise

Cătălin Creţu, country manager at Visa Romania, expects a proliferation of bank offers in terms of mobile payments. At this point, over 80% of POS terminals are contactless, “so we have opportunities to pay with the mobile phone.” Therefore, “banks need to come up with new deals so that mobile phone payments become a new routine,” Crețu explained.

“We anticipate that more and more banks will launch the payment with the mobile phone, because that is the direction we are heading for. The idea is to build not just a product but a whole ecosystem so you can make mobile payments as well as transfers between customers of different banks. We want to introduce quick solutions where money transfer can be done almost instantly”.

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China’s plans move into Europe

Chinese e-commerce company plans to expand in Europe and aims to have finalised its strategy for entering the market by the end of the year. China’s second largest e-commerce business also wants to open an office in Germany by the end of 2018. is investing heavily in logistics and offline retail to expand beyond its base in China and Southeast Asia and establish a meaningful presence in U.S. and European markets. CEO Richard Liu would also consider takeovers to help its foray into the European market. “If we see a good opportunity then we will seize it,” he said.

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H&M tests same day delivery

Fashion retailer H&M is experimenting with same day delivery. Currently, this delivery method is only being tested with customers who live in Berlin, but chances are H&M will roll it out in other cities or even countries, when the pilot is a success.

This express delivery method is only applicable to orders received before 10:00 AM. These orders will then be delivered between 7 and 10 PM on the same day. H&M charges a delivery fee of 5.99 euros for same day delivery.

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