Online shops will pay for return deliveries, how to deliver by electrical scooter, what to post on Instagram

Online merchants will pay for the return shipping

Vendors will have to pay all shipping costs for returned products, according to a bill which is to be adopted by the Parliament. The MPs also wanted to make it as clear as possible that the product replacing the defective product would benefit from a new 2-year warranty period starting from the date of the change of the product, respecting exactly the technical specifications of the product originally sold.

After the final vote in Parliament, the draft will be submitted for adoption to President Iohannis.

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9 Marketing Principles to Create Amazing Chemistry with Your Customers

Are you looking for ways to build stronger relationships with your customers? Want to create a website and marketing strategy that makes them fall totally in love with your brand?

You can use these tactics:

  • Tug on their heartstrings
  • Align your values
  • Focus on their feelings
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve
  • Make up or break up
  • Respect one another’s friends
  • Make them feel special
  • Sharing is caring
  • Get personal

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Delivering with the help of smart locks and electrical scooters

> Albert Heijn is testing smart door lock

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn is currently experimenting with a smart door lock, so groceries can be delivered to a customer’s place, even when the customer isn’t at home. The test is part of Albert Heijn Online Labs, which invents and develops new concepts to improve the supermarket’s service.

> Chiquelle lets customers try outfits using AR

Fast-growing fashion brand Chiquelle is ready for the new fashion season and will introduce an augmented reality app to its customers in Europe. Together with tech company Figuratic, Chiquelle will launch a virtual shopping experience based on AR and 3D technologies.

> DPD Germany delivers parcels with 8 electric three-wheelers

In city centres DPD Germany is expanding its fleet of alternative delivery vehicles: in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne the company is using eight fully-electric tricycles for parcel delivery. The so-called TRIPL from Danish manufacturer EWII are locally emission-free and make delivery in metropolitan areas much more efficient.

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Top online shoppers in the summer: women aged 30 – 50 with a shopping cart value of 250 lei

During the summer the interest in shopping clothing and accessories is diminishing in favor of travelling, which means that retailers must find new ways to attract shoppers. And the first thing to know is how the people are buying fashion products in the warm season. In summer, sales on the fashion & lifestyle niche tend to drop by 25-30 percent, given that Romanians prefer to invest in holidays, according to a study made by Champaigns, a performance marketing agency.

To prevent this decrease in sales volume, online stores come with significant cuts and campaigns launched from the early days of summer.

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What to Post on Instagram: 20 Post Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed

Generating a steady stream of content can be a struggle on Instagram, especially when research from Buffer suggests that you should post at least 1.5 times per day (or three times over a two-day period). The good news, though, is that there are plenty of different ways to approach Instagram to keep your feed fresh and your followers engaged.

Take a look at what you can post on Instagram, ideas and examples that you can adapt for your own business, along with how to create a posting schedule to bring your Instagram strategy to life.

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