Amazon patents new delivery drones, what are the Facebook Ad Collection, e-commerce growth in Europe

Amazon patents hijack-proof delivery drones

The company filed a patent titled “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles” two years ago, and it was finally approved last week. The patent is specifically designed for delivery vehicles, and its aimed at preventing “nefarious individuals” from taking over the company’s drones.

Although there’s no guarantee that this patented technology will ever see the light of day, it’s still considered a major development — especially for an e-commerce giant like Amazon — since it could revolutionize the company’s delivery capabilities.

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Only authorized online pharmacies will be able to sell non-prescribed drugs

The legislative Proposal for amending and completing the Law no. 266/2008 on how pharmacies work and how to sell drugs is promulgated and it will allow pharmacies to sell medicines without prescription on-line.

Online drug sales will only be allowed under certain conditions to be set by the Ministry of Health. Currently, medicines cannot be sold online, whether they’re prescription or not, says

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Facebook Ad Collection: how to create and how efficient are for online stores

A collection is a type of Facebook-only mobile ads that can be a video, a slideshow, or even a picture above a group (or a collection) of images of similar products. This kind of advertising has been specifically designed for e-commerce / online stores that want to promote their products on social media and offer users the experience from the website directly in the socialization platform.

In order to give your clients such an advertising experience, it’s easier if you have some dynamic advertising experience or if you have the patience to play with the Business Manager platform. In this article we tell you what and how to do to get a successful Facebook Ad Collection.

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Ecommerce in Europe was worth €534 billion in 2017

Ecommerce in Europe has once again shown some double-digit growth. The total ecommerce turnover in Europe increased by 11 percent last year, making it worth 534 billion euros. For the current year, a growth rate of 13 percent is expected, which would mean ecommerce in Europe will be worth 602 billion euros in 2018. The European ecommerce industry has thus shown some significant growth, if you take into account the industry was worth no more than 307 billion euros five years ago.

Southern Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe show a much lower share of European ecommerce with 12, 8 and 6 percent respectively. But these are however the regions with the fastest ecommerce. Take for example Romania, where this industry increased by 37 percent last year.

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On vacation, be safe, online and offline!

The risks of online data bank theft are higher during holidays. Here are some useful tips:

> Use a mobile data connection
> USe a VPN solution
> Make sure that your devices and browsers are up to date
> Don’t abuse social media when posting about where you go and when you are not at home
> Stop using devices such as wi-fi routers in private spaces

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