Weekly News: Elefant.ro launches a marketplace, Auchan launches online shop, Alibaba launches Smile-to-Pay

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Elefant.ro opens a marketplace

Elefant Online, the mother company of Elefant.ro, launched a local software company called Mammoth Software, whose mission will be to manage the future online marketplace, says ZF.ro. This move has been announced this spring by the company’s CEO, Dan Vidrașcu. The firm also provides the necessary development of the platforms elefant.ro and elefant.md.

In the future marketplace, the suppliers will set the price, while the retailer will receive a commission for every transaction. According to data from the Official Journal, the retailer recently raised capital worth 44,800 lei, through a new stock infusion. Citește tot articolul

Weekly news: Apple talks to Hollywood, Microsoft’s big return rate, Taxify settles in Romania

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Apple and Hollywood said to continue talks around early digital movie rentals

Movie studios including Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures continue to hold talks with Apple and Comcast about plans to introduce premium digital rentals for new movies only a few weeks after their theatrical debut, Bloomberg reports.

The plan to build an early rental offering whereby consumer could pay between $30 and $50 per movie to get access to current releases as few as two weeks after they premiere in theaters has been covered before: Back in late December, Bloomberg described the plan, noting that it’s part of the studios’ effort to shore up declines and stagnation in the home video and DVD sales market. Citește tot articolul

5 steps to creating a smooth customer journey

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Friction, your old school physics textbook will tell you, is the force created between two surfaces that slows a moving object down. According to Internet Retailing, in a retail sense, that moving object is the consumer, and the friction that slows them down (and sometimes stops them altogether) is the unwelcome combination of processes and technology that gets in the way of the simple, seamless shopping experience.

1. Map the journey

Mapping your customer journeys helps you look at the experiences you offer from the customer perspective. Where are the friction points – the points that stall or derail the buying process? From being unable to try on a garment browsed online to complicated check-out processes, only when you understand where the pain points are can you begin to address them. Citește tot articolul

Weekly news: Asos launches photo search, more and more online payments, Switzerland is 2nd in Europe

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Asos adds search-by-photo to its fashion ecommerce app

The company says 80 per cent of UK traffic for ASOS comes from a mobile device, as do almost 70 per cent of UK orders — with consumers spending 80 minutes per month on average in the app. It’s not necessarily going to find a perfect match — not least because there are only 85,000 searchable products in Asos’ index — but when not matching quite right for form, it was at least pulling in similar sorts of patterns. So you end up with the same sort of fashion feel at least. Pinterest has launched a camera-based search feature that turns a real-world object (e.g. an avocado) into a series of Pinterest results (e.g. recipes for avocado). eBay also has its own ecommerce-focused image search in the works, due for launch this fall. Citește tot articolul

REPORT ‘Digitally-obsessed’ consumers want VR, innovation and care

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One in five (23%) consumers is digitally obsessed, making almost all their purchases online, and inclined to shop with digitally advanced retailers, a new study suggests.

This group, suggests the “Buying tomorrow report” (PDF file) from e-commerce consultancy Salmon, puts convenience and innovation ahead of the brand names, with almost nine in ten (88%) consumers saying that speed of delivery is more important to them than the brand being ordered (78%). Citește tot articolul

REPORT Convenience, security, speed: the top 3 criteria for choosing a payment method

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According to a new report from Germany-based secondary market research firm yStats.com, “Europe Online Payment Methods: First Half 2017” (PDF file), the payment preferences of online shoppers in Europe differ by country. In several Eastern European nations, including Romania and Hungary, cash on delivery is still the top choice, although online card payments are on the rise.

On average across the region, convenience, security and speed are the top 3 criteria for choosing a payment method. Citește tot articolul