Author: George Hari Popescu

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Try before you buy, Zalando expands to Europe, how to optimize your email marketing campaigns

The “try-before-you-buy” initiatives take e-commerce by storm As online companies continue to exert an ever greater influence over the consumer products market, a new trend has emerged that could be dangerous for unprepared retailers. The last year has seen companies like ASOS, Topman and schuh introduce try-before-you-buy options for consumers. The effect of the popularity of this kind of online shopping experience among customers is beginning to ripple across the whole sector. However, this trend could spell disaster for retail business owners if they do not prepare by having the right framework and solutions in place to manage returns. → Read more at Marketing Tech News Are you even considering accepting payments in cryptocurrencies? With all the talk about cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering whether your e-commerce business should start accepting them as a form of payment. There is no simple answer to that question. It all depends on the type

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GDPR over and over again, Shopify launches a comm tool, EU needs a digital single market

How to Prepare Your Google Analytics Account for GDPR Google recently sent out an email to all their analytics admins about GDPR. The purpose of this email was to introduce product updates that will help us get ready for data privacy compliance. One of the product updates Google is introducing is data retention control. This feature will allow you to manage how long Google stores your user data on Google’s servers. Data retention control will go into effect in your account the same day GDPR launches, May 25th. The current default for data retention is 26 months. But you can select to retain your user data for a shorter or longer period. Google has also introduced a user deletion tool. This tool will allow you to remove users’ Client IDs, User IDs, or App Instance IDs from your analytics data.  When a user opts out of tracking, you’ll use this tool to remove their data. →

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What’s next for image and voice search?

Search Engine Watch is trying to see where we are now in the field of online image and voice search and what are the trends. Here are the most important points from the article. Forward-thinking businesses are already using this new form of machine learning AI image recognition to allow users to search for products using pictures to find the same or similar looks and outfits they stock. However, does this mean intelligent image search is the next big thing? Google (as well as others) has recently started integrating features to enable users to shop for products captured with a smartphone. While image search will have its practical uses, the current siloed implementations in smart devices are likely to have a very limited impact on general search behavior for now. While basic applications of image search can be used to identify what products are available, the technology will continue to

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Carrefour relaunches website, Walmart buys Flipkart, Pegas launches Ape Rider bike sharing scheme

Carrefour Romania rebrands the website and launches the marketplace Carrefour Romania has made a rebranding of the online store, the old site being transformed into The new online supermarket delivers to customers in Bucharest and neighboring areas, in two hours: food, beverages, detergents, cosmetics, or baby care products. On this occasion, Carrefour also introduces a Marketplace platform, the first such platform of a food retailer in Romania, called Carrefour and Partners, where for the time being there are available around 140,000 products in different categories. → Read more at Retail & FMCG Walmart buys Flipkart, India’s biggest online retailer Global retail giant Walmart has paid $16bn (£11.8bn) for a majority stake in Flipkart, India’s biggest online retailer, making this the world’s largest ever e-commerce acquisition. Walmart, best known for its grocery stores, discount department stores and hypermarkets, is ubiquitous in the US. But its sales have barely grown

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Amazon creates new jobs in Romania, Instagram offers financial tools, we learned about GDPR at GPeC Live

Amazon opens new R&D center in Bucharest, to create 650 new jobs Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) inaugurated its new HQ and research and development facility in Bucharest, creating 650 new jobs in the technology and corporate fields. The new R&D facility in the Romanian capital will work on several technologies, including for home assistant Alexa and for the AWS infrastructure. The e-commerce giant already has 1,000 employees in Romania and has invested over EUR 100 million in the past 13 years. The Bucharest office is located in the northern part of the city and covers over 13,000 sqm on five floors. It includes a new engineering center and one for technology development, including for the testing and language solutions development for Alexa. → Read more at Business Review Instagram is making it easier for customers to talk to businesses and book appointments Instagram is unveiling new features to

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