Author: George Hari Popescu

Freelance Communications Consultant and Translation Assistant for Creative Commons.

E-commerce Market Report 2017: Romanians purchased online 2.8 billion euro worth of products (UPDATE with infographic)

According to figures and estimates of the main players in the Romanian e-commerce, together with GPeC (all sources are mentioned at the end of the report), the value of online shopping reached 2.8 billion euros in 2017, at least 40% more than in 2016 (when the total gross was of 1.8 to 2 billion euros). It means that Romanians spent an average of 7.67 million euros every day in 2017, for online shopping. The 2.8 billion euros refer strictly to e-tail, to physical (tangible) products that were ordered online and it doesn’t include services, utility bills, air tickets, holidays, hotel bookings, show tickets, downloadable content etc. If we added those, the total amount of online purchases would increase considerably. E-commerce share of total retail: 5.6% The increase of approx. 40% year over year, recorded by the Romanian e-commerce market, is one of the highest in the European Union. The value

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UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper: 75% of the customers consider free return shipping important when selecting online retailers

To succeed in today’s dynamic retail market, businesses are compelled to understand consumer expectations, shopping behaviours, and channel preferences better than ever before. The 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study analyses the behaviour of the online shopper throughout the customer journey, from pre-purchase research to the buying process and post-purchase expectations. The findings clearly show that convenience often drives decisions, while relevant and transparent information seals the purchase – whether that information is about delivery options, shipping costs, estimated delivery time, or ease of returning a product. 75% of the customers consider free return shipping important when selecting online retailers and 52% of them find the number of shipping options offered important when searching for and selecting products online. Smartphones gain ground, as 30% of smartphone users consider digital payment tools (PayPal, ApplePay etc.) as their preferred payment method. As predicted, millenials make 24% of their online purchases via

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REPORT > European Customer Pulse 2017: 43% of customers returned items purchased online over 1 year

The returns process has a big part to play in omni-channel retail. Across Europe, 70% of shoppers say the ease of being able to return items factors into which retailer they choose to shop online with, according to the report “JDA & Centiro Customer Pulse 2017” by JDA Software Group and Centiro. The research was done online, on 8,238 consumers across Europe, gathering insights from people of all ages across France, Germany, UK and Sweden. Important findings: 45% of shoppers who experienced issues received either a faulty or incorrect item over the last 12 months 24% European shoppers made additional in-store purchases when picking up Click & Collect orders 43% returned items purchased online over the last 12 months as expectations were not met Research shows an 8% increase in issues relating to online orders over the last 12 months.

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Danish people carefully choose products online and Swedish women massively doubt online products

Denmark: 84% of the online population shopped online in 2016 Danish online shoppers expected a delivery service within two business days. However, last year there was a increased growth of e-shoppers picking up their online purchases instead of having them delivered at home (43%). This shows that online retailers are currently lacking in this expectation.

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Weekly News: ecommerce world market is 1.85 trillion USD worth, 1st GPeC Trainings edition, VR with Mastercard and Swarovski

1.85 trillion USD is the forecasted turnover for global e-commerce in 2017 The global ecommerce market continues to flourish in 2017 with a growth rate of 17% and forecasted turnover of $1.85 trillion. Global online retail is increasing rapidly with a forecasted growth rate of 17% in 2017. Asia now ‘owns’ 50% of the global ecommerce market. This is one of the many interesting findings of the Global Ecommerce Report 2017. The report reveals ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers insights into each region of the global ecommerce industry.

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