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News and reports on the e-commerce market in Central and Eastern Europe.

E-commerce Market Report 2017: Romanians purchased online 2.8 billion euro worth of products (UPDATE with infographic)

According to figures and estimates of the main players in the Romanian e-commerce, together with GPeC (all sources are mentioned at the end of the report), the value of online shopping reached 2.8 billion euros in 2017, at least 40% more than in 2016 (when the total gross was of 1.8 to 2 billion euros). It means that Romanians spent an average of 7.67 million euros every day in 2017, for online shopping. The 2.8 billion euros refer strictly to e-tail, to physical (tangible) products that were ordered online and it doesn’t include services, utility bills, air tickets, holidays, hotel bookings, show tickets, downloadable content etc. If we added those, the total amount of online purchases would increase considerably. E-commerce share of total retail: 5.6% The increase of approx. 40% year over year, recorded by the Romanian e-commerce market, is one of the highest in the European Union. The value

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Online payments, up by 61% in the PayU system

PayU Romania, the online player operator, processed during April 2016-March 2017 period online transactions of over RON 1.9 billion, compared with the same period of the former fiscal year. In 2017, the biggest transaction was registered in January and reached over RON 107,000. The products from IT&C category are preferred by Romanians who buy online. Approximately 33 percent of the total value of online transactions was allocated to the products from this category.

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FAN Courier, the first Romanian courier service to accept card payments on delivery in multi-banking system

FAN Courier is the first Romanian courier service to accept card payments on delivery in multi-banking system. Starting this week, FAN Courier agents will offer all customers – individuals or companies – the option to pay for the transport using a card issued by one of the active banks in Romania. The return payment will soon start being delivered electronically.

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E-commerce sector is under European Commission’s analysis. What does it mean for Romania?

The European Commission (“EC”) announced on 2nd February 2017 that it launched 3 investigations with respect to certain anticompetitive practices in the e-commerce sector, says Lexology. The Romanian Competition Council launched a sector inquiry in the online segment following the EC practice. This was initially set to target the online sales of electronics and fashion products and, apparently, was extended to the majority online sold products.

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