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News and reports on the e-commerce market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Romanians don’t like shopping for groceries online

Romania is well behind the curve with 0.2% of grocery sales occurring online, writes The Merkle. To put this into perspective, 6.9% of all UK grocery sales occur through e-commerce, which is quite a high number. This shows a large gap between different countries on the same continent, which leaves room for entrepreneurs to find solutions to close it.

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REPORT Europe’s e-commerce is faster, broader, closer to customers

“Selling into new markets is about more than language. It’s also about localisation through content that reflects the local culture”, writes Steven Ledgerwood, UK Managing Director at Emarsys, in the report “IREU Top 500: A performance ranking of Europe’s Top500 ecommerce and multichannel retailers”. The report is the first Europe-wide retail performance index, ranking the Top 500 most significant multichannel and eCommerce retailers from 31 countries (the members of the European Economic Area – EEA plus Switzerland), based on their performance across seven dimensions: Footprint Customer Operations and Logistics Merchandising Brand Engagement Mobile and Cross-channel Strategy and Innovation   IREU Top500 research shows that, as a group, leading European retailers are often starting to foster cross-border trade, but have by no means completed the task.

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FAN Courier and KEBA will install parcel lockers in Bucharest

According to Post and Parcel, FAN Courier will be using KEBA’s parcel lockers to provide an additional delivery solution to customers. Ten KePol machines will be installed at key locations throughout Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. FAN Courier is providing a 24/7 delivery service network of over 3,650 locations served without additional costs, as well as more than 500 locations serviced with their “Collect Point” service at gas stations in Bucharest and other cities. But the company was looking for a solution to complement this service with an innovative pick-up solution.

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Romanian online payments on the up 62% reaching 148,4 million EUR for Q1 2016

According to the latest data provided exclusively by RomCard for GPeC, online card payments online registered a 62% growth YearOverYear during Q1 2016. Only during the first quarter of 2016 3D Secure payments of 148.4 million EUR were registered, comparing to 91.2 million EUR in 2015. The number of online card transactions has also grown significantly during the months of January, February and March 2016, exceeding 1.1 million monthly transactions, comparing to the same time in 2015 when the average transactions number was approximately 780.000 transactions per month. According to RomCard officials, the growth is closely tied to the decrease of interchange commissions announced publicly by Cătălin Crețu, General Manager of Visa Europe for Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia, at GPeC Summit November 24 2015. “From the information we have, together with the decrease of the commissions, more and more important online shops have started encouraging online card payments. For an online shop, an order paid by online

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Official Romanian e-commerce market overview: online shopping exceeded 1.4 billion EUR in 2015!

According to the main Romanian e-commerce players estimations as well as the estimations of the Romanian e-commerce market authority GPeC, the total value of Romanian online retail has grown from 1.1 billion EUR in 2014 to over 1.4 billion EUR in 2015. Some companies consider the value to be closer to 1.5 billion EUR. This figure only reflects physical goods purchased online (disregarding their nature) and excludes services, utilities paid online, plane tickets, hotel or holiday reservations, travel, event tickets etc. GPeC is for 11 years the most important e-commerce event in Romania and the biggest Romanian online shops community. GPeC gathers the Romanian e-commerce market information yearly and publishes the official Romanian e-commerce market report. Here are the main facts and figures for the year that just ended, according to the report. You can find the information in an easy to read version in the below infographic designed by silkmart. The latest market

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