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Official Romanian e-commerce market overview: online shopping exceeded 1.4 billion EUR in 2015!

According to the main Romanian e-commerce players estimations as well as the estimations of the Romanian e-commerce market authority GPeC, the total value of Romanian online retail has grown from 1.1 billion EUR in 2014 to over 1.4 billion EUR in 2015. Some companies consider the value to be closer to 1.5 billion EUR. This figure only reflects physical goods purchased online (disregarding their nature) and excludes services, utilities paid online, plane tickets, hotel or holiday reservations, travel, event tickets etc. GPeC is for 11 years the most important e-commerce event in Romania and the biggest Romanian online shops community. GPeC gathers the Romanian e-commerce market information yearly and publishes the official Romanian e-commerce market report. Here are the main facts and figures for the year that just ended, according to the report. You can find the information in an easy to read version in the below infographic designed by silkmart. The latest market

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In 2014 Romanian e-commerce market exceeded 1 billion EUR

According to the estimations made my the main Romanian e-commerce players together with GPeC representatives, Romanian online retail exceeded 1 billion EUR in 2014, compared to approximately 600 million EUR in 2013. To be more specific, Romanian e-tail market’s value is estimated to be around 1.1 and 1.2 billion EUR for the recently ended year, this figure representing only goods sold online (independent of category), not services, utilities payments, plane tickets, event tickets, travel etc. GPeC (eCommerce Awards Gala) is and has been for 10 years the most important e-commerce in Romania and the biggest online shops community. GPeC centralizes and published Romanian e-commerce market data and is the main source of information in this field. According to these statistics, these are the main market statistics for 2014: According to the latest official census, Romania’s population numbers 19.7 million inhabitants, from which approximately 10 million are Internet users, internet penetration rate in

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Innovative campaign for ZorileStore: the Sandalandala camping opens in Vama Veche

ZorileStore, winner of the Best Start-up in E-Commerce award at GPeC E-Commerce Awards Gala 2012, comes up with an innovative offline campaign for the summer of 2014. The online shop opens the Sandalandala camping in Vama Veche – a 4000 square meters campign area with a capacity of 400 tents. ZorileStore’s goal is to meet their clients face-to-face and get to know them, consequently growing their trust in the ZorileStore brand. The Sandalandala campign also benefits from a 100 seats terrace and an open air cinema, wi-fi internet being present as well for those who won’t leave their laptops at home. The campign can accommodate 800 people, but the ZorileStore team expects somewhere over 2000 visitors for the 1st of May holiday. The Sandalandala campaign was created by the ZorileStore team together with the Storience branding agency.

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