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Rob Siefker, Director of Customer Loyalty, Zappos: “Obsess over your customer”

Zappos will be represented, for the first time in Romania, at the GPeC SUMMIT 16-17-18 May 2017, by Rob Siefker, the most pertinent person to share Zappos’s secrets about creating memorable experiences for the customers. Rob will speak during a 1-hour keynote on May 16: Creating Customer Experiences and Satisfaction that will ensure Word of Mouth Marketing. We had the chance to talk a little with Rob before his visit in Bucharest. Asked about the first challenges he encountered when he became Director of customer loyalty at Zappos in 2010, Rob said: “It’s honestly hard to remember back that far with all of the challenges we’ve faced. One big challenge was better structuring the team in order to meet our operational goals as well as our goals with the call center employee experience. In some ways, that specific challenge is never ending.” As Zappos is known for its credo “Delivering Happiness”,

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Romanian E-Commerce Market Size at the end of 2016: 1.8 billion EUR (INFOGRAPHIC)

According to the main Romanian e-commerce market players and GPeC the value of the e-commerce market size in Romania exceeded 1.8 billion EUR in 2016, growing 30% compared to 2015 when the total e-commerce market size was 1.4 billion EUR. On average, Romanian people spent 5 million EUR daily for online shopping. Furthermore, the figure of 1.8 billion EUR represents only etail (tangible goods sold online) and does not include services, bill payments, plane tickets, event tickets, hotel reservations, travel etc. If we would also add the above, the value of the total online shopping market in Romania would be considerably bigger. GPeC is for 12 years the most important e-commerce event in Romania which also gathers and publishes the Romanian e-commerce market official figures every year – The Romanian E-Commerce Market Report. Here is the main data and information for last year according to the GPeC report: 11,2 million

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Craig Sullivan, Keynote Speaker at GPeC Summit: 6 UX tips useful for any companies

We asked Craig Sullivan to offer the GPeC community some UX tips useful for any companies, particularly startups and here is an article writter by him. You will have the chance to meet Craig at the GPeC Summit, on November 15th, when he will keynote about “GROWTH OPTIMISATION AND A/B TESTING FOR A MOBILE WORLD: GETTING IT RIGHT”.   At all stages of growth, particularly in the early stage, you need an easy and cheap way of understanding your consumer usability, psychology, behaviour – what they *feel* about your experience. You might not have enough traffic to AB test or experiment but you need to get the growth that will make that stuff happen, right? The great news is that you are already sitting on some amazing information, if you go looking for it. (1) Customer Service & Sales Here are some questions to ask your Sales and Customer service teams,

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INTERVIEW “The next big challenge in marketing is to humanize the processes” – Talia Wolf, keynote speaker at GPeC Summit 2016

For GPeC Summit November 15-16, we bring you for the first time in Romania Talia Wolf, Conversion Optimization Expert. Talia is a real ”rising star” in CRO, being present for the last 2 years as one of the keynote speakers for worldwide famous conferences like Conversion XL Live, Conversion Conference, Conversion Summit, Emerce. Raluca Radu sat down with Talia, to hear more about her experience and to give you a glimpse of her keynote speech at the GPeC Summit. Talia, you talk a lot about conversion rate optimization and the use of emotional targeting. Could you please sum up for our readers what emotional targeting means and what it brings new as an online sales growth philosophy? Emotional targeting focuses on getting to know your customers on a deeper level than just behavioral elements such as gender, age, and device. It’s about putting the customer first – not the product or business

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VIDEO INTERVIEW with Bryan Eisenberg, special guest at GPeC Summit: “Voice will be the next big thing in marketing”

Bryan Eisenberg is coming for the second time at theGPeC Summit, this time for a whole special day on November 16, 2016! #GPeC_AllDayBryan We asked Bryan to answer a few of our questions about innovations in online marketing, the e-commerce market and his training and Q&A at the GPeC Summit. Persona marketing, offline marketing, content marketing Bryan Eisenberg considers that, in their majority, people have a large marketing strategy in mind, but the problem is that, when you try to address everybody, you actually don’t reach anybody in particular. So by using personas, you will really understand the different types of customers that come to us and provide them with the great experiences and the content they need. “So persona marketing can be very powerful tool to be able to tell the story of your customers all the way from your stockroom to the boardroom. It’s a very important part of marketing today.”

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