Don’t think of Facebook as advertising. Think of it as social postage | Dennis Yu brings the latest Facebook Ads tactics at GPeC SUMMIT May 27-28

Dennis Yu (Blitzmetrics) at GPeC SUMMIT May 2019Facebook Ads is the best performing online marketing channel today, with 57.3% of digital marketers in Romania stating that they are successfully implementing it in their business.

If you use Facebook Ads or organic in your marketing strategy, then you need to meet Dennis Yu, one of the world’s top Facebook Ads specialists, the one who drove Mark Zuckerberg himself crazy with his experiments.

Dennis Yu is speaking for the first time in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT on May 27-28, where he’ll teach you how to grow your online business through Facebook. On May 27th, you can see him on stage at the National Theatre of Bucharest, where he will talk about the latest Facebook and Instagram strategies that deliver e-commerce results. And on May 28th, you can attend his hands-on 3-hours long Facebook Ads Masterclass at Sheraton Hotel Bucharest (limited seats).

Early Bird registrations are ongoing until May 16, and give you at least 50 euros discount on your access ticket. Continue reading to learn more about Dennis and why you cannot miss his keynote and Facebook Ads Masterclass at GPeC SUMMIT.

In 2007, Dennis Yu created the BlitzMetrics digital marketing agency, just as soon as Facebook opened its advertising platform. Basically, the agency grew up with Facebook Ads and began offering specialized Facebook Marketing training, preparing young people for careers in online marketing and social media.

Dennis is a fine connoisseur of Facebook Ads, one of those specialists who practices what they preach. Mark Zuckerberg accused Dennis of spamming when he began testing what’s possible with Facebook’s ad system, but soon understood how valuable his experiments were and had to admit that he did not anticipate that developers such as Dennis would be able to use the Facebook data from apps for anything other than their original purpose. Basically, what happened next in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Dennis understands best how Facebook can empower one’s business and how you too can use it in your marketing strategy. The keyword is relevance. Ads, he says, are powerful when they’re relevant. On Facebook, a brand can reach its clients with its messaging in a way that traditional media cannot. That’s why it’s crucial for marketers to address Facebook with a different mindset, based on a deep understanding of the platform. A traditional mindset is not going to work great and Dennis will teach you at GPeC SUMMIT how to sequence your messages in order to retarget and convert.

Through years of testing and research, Dennis understood that digital marketers often make the mistake of excessively touching and adjusting their campaigns, each time resetting the ad rank and the system having to learn over again. The key, he says, is letting the system do the work for you. A conversion is but 5% Facebook Ads mastery and 95% content marketing strategy.

Use video! Square videos. According to Dennis, video is the main content format you should be using in your Facebook strategy, because you can get the lowest CPMs. If you want to be in the game, all you have to do is create one-minute and 15-second videos. Since many companies struggle to create video for Facebook and Instagram, at GPeC SUMMIT Dennis will share with you his winning strategies. You will learn how to create video for sound-off environment, how to remarket and retarget in order to create a custom funnel for maximizing conversions.

Dennis is the co-author of Facebook Nation – a textbook taught in over 700 colleges and universities and a regular contributor to Adweek’s SocialTimes column and is published in Social Media Examiner, Social Media Club, Tweak Your Biz, B2C, SocialFresh, and Heyo. He has given over 730 presentations in 17 countries on 5 continents, at some of the world’s largest conferences, such as: L2E, PubCon, Conversion Conference, Social Media Marketing World, Gultaggen and Marketo Summit. In 2018, he ranked No. 1 in audience popularity at PPC Caesar’s Award.

If you understand that vanity metrics are a ten year ago game, join Dennis Yu on May 27-28, at GPeC SUMMIT to learn how to develop your Facebook content marketing strategy in order to change behaviors and convert.

Book your seat now to meet, for the first time ever in Romania, some of the best international e-commerce & online marketing experts. Dennis Yu, Wil Reynolds, Gerry McGovern, Jono Alderson, Steven Hoober, Ian Jindal, Hannah Thorpe and, for the third consecutive year, Karl Gilis, together with exceptional Romanian speakers you don’t want to miss if you want to be up to date with latest practices and trends in the industry.

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