GPeC Summit, May 25-26-27, Bucharest

GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016 is the must-attend e-commerce and digital marketing event in the region. We bring you the best of the best in international and regional e-commerce on the same stage for 3 intensive days of inspiring keynotes, thorough case studies, highly practical workshops, e-commerce expo, networking with the e-commerce elite and a super party. GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 is set to fuel your e-commerce performance and connect you with the partners you need in order to rock in online shopping.

Only the best make it to the GPeC Summit stage!

May 25-26-27 2016 will mean 3 days of premium e-commerce content and a WOW line-up of international speakers. Meet the Super-Star-Speakers of GPeC Summit and don’t miss the 11th annual edition of GPeC – The Most Important E-Commerce Event in Romania! #GPeCSummit, #GPeC11

Alex Langshur Cardinal Path GPeC Summit Bucharest RomaniaAlex Langshur is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Cardinal Path – one of the most important Digital Performance Measurement agencies in North America, recently acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network, a media giant whose business extends on 5 continents.

Presently, Alex runs theDigital Intelligence and Digital Marketing divisions of Cardinal Path for over 50 countries, his priority being that of helping his customers transform visits into money.

Alex is the former President and current Director Emeritus of Digital Analytics Association (DAA) – the most important web analytics association in the world that has all the international industry professional as members.

You will have the chance to meet and listen to Alex Langshur for the first time in Romania for GPeC Summit on May 25 during the conference, but also on May 26 when Alex will deliver a 90-minute workshop.


Daniel Waisberg, Analytics Advocate for Daniel Waisberg Google UKGoogle and Founder of Online Behavior spends a lot of time viewing and analysing Google Analytics data in order to find effective conversion optimization and sales growth solutions, offering companies answers and immediately applicable scenarios, based on metrics. Daniel says that he is best described by the following short sentence: “I really like data.”

Daniel is the author of  “Google Analytics Integrations” (Wiley Publishing House, June 2015) and also the Founder and Editor of the Optimization and Analytics portal, website that offers a wide range of guides and practical advice on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Conversion Optimization.

Before joining the Google team, Daniel was a Google Analytics Certified Partner for 5 years, having worked with online retailers helping them understang, measure and optimize their business starting from actual data. Daniel truly appreciates people who love statistics and make decisions based on real figures.

Daniel Waisberg will deliver a keynote speech during the GPeC conference on May 25 2016.


David Darmanin Hotjar GPeC Summit Bucharest, RomaniaDavid Darmanin is the Founder and CEO of Hotjarthe tool that revolutionised the Analytics and Conversion Optimization world!

David has over 12 years of experience in Conversion Optimization, Digital Marketing and Business Project Management, having generated hundreds of millions of dollars growth for the companies he offered specialised consultancy for.

David is a world-class expert in Conversion Optimization, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, User Centered Design, Interface Design, User Research and Analysis, Product Design, Brand Design, Product Strategy, and before founding Hotjar he was part of the Conversion Rate Experts team where he worked with some of the best international specialists world-wide and had the responsibility to grow the businesses of some of the most complex global companies that today are the leaders of the so called “web revolution”.

In June 2014 David founded Hotjar, a company that grew in less than 2 years from a start-up to a “Fortune 500” company.

You will meet David Darmanin for the first time in Romania for GPeC Summit during the May 25 Conference.


Karl Gilis AG Consult GPeC Summit Bucharest RomaniaKarl Gilis was named by PPC Hero number 3 in top best Conversion Optimization experts world-wide in 2015 and is the Co-Founder of the Belgian company AGConsult, company specialising in Usability and Conversion Optimization.

Karl has been optimising websites ever since 2001, relying solely on actual data and real customer experience. Karl says he is “fed up with the opinions and suggestions of the so-called specialists who are not real practitioners and who only rely on gut feeling and intuition”.

During the last few years, Karl says he has become “obsessed with A/B Testing” because it allows him to measure the impact of the changes he proposes to his clients and also because he realised that “best practices” don’t always apply.

Karl’s keynote speeches are known to be a real show and got him the nickname “Conversion Comedian“. :-)

Karl Gilis will be delivering an amazing keynote speech and conversion show on the GPeC Summit stage on May 25 and his presentation will be packed with practical tips and case studies – “Don’t do anything on your website you wouldn’t do on a first date“. What is more, on May 26 Karl will deliver an highly practical 90-minute workshop “How to create better A/B tests based on user research“.


Brian Dean Backlinko GPeC Summit Bucharest, RomaniaBrian Dean is the Founder and CEO of Backlinko, included in Top 100 Business Blogs by Technorati in October 2013. Backblinko is the resource where any online entrepreneur or marketing manager finds extremely useful and highly practical tips and tricks on how to increase his traffic and business through SEO. Backlinko was also named the best Link Building information source in 2013 by Triple SEO.

Brian is one of the best world experts in SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, Blogging, Social Media, Conversion Rate Optimization si E-Mail Marketing, being frequently quoted and mentioned by renowned websites like or Search Engine Journal, as well as important educational institutions like

Before founding Backlinko, Brian worked as SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant for various companies from very small businesses to corporations helping them improve their search engine visibility as well as grow their website traffic.

Ian Cleary, founder of RazorSocial and contributor for sums up Brian Dean’s professional experience like this: “If you need to drive a ton of relevant traffic to your site, then Brian is the man to go to.”

You will meet Brian Dean for the first time in Romania at GPeC Summit, May 25 2016 during the e-commerce Conference.


Marie Polli ConversionXL GPeC Summit Bucharest RomaniaMarie Polli is Senior Optimization Strategist and expert practitioners in Conversion Rate Optimization and Sales Growth for online shops and part of the amazing team of the well-known international CRO agency: ConversionXL, agency founded by Peep Laja.

In 2015, GPeC Summit participants had the chance to meet Viljo Vabrit (CEO of ConversionXL), and in 2016 it is time to bring things even further and meet Marie Polli, for the first time in Romania!

Marie dedicates 100% of her working hours to conversion optimization and does it in a different manner, comparing to other specialists, trying to focus not only on CRO but also  on integrating the whole strategy in the business context, according to customer base and business particularities. Her ability to see the “whole picture” has made Marie indispensable to a wide variety f companies she is working with.

You will meet Marie live during the e-commerce Conference on May 25 2016 and also on May 26 2016 when she will deliver a 90-minute workshop.


Paul Rouke PRWD GPeC Summit Bucharest, RomaniaPaul Rouke is ever since 2004 the Founder of PRWD – one of the best UK agencies specialising in Usability and Conversion Optimization.

Before founding PRWD, Paul worked for Shop Direct for 7 years, focusing on Usability and Customer Experience, considering that the main driver to improve customer experience is understanding the user behavior and expectations.

Paul is considered one of the best Conversion Rate Optimization specialists in UK, being invited as a speaker for several world conferences on this topic.

Apart from sharing his experience as event speaker and writing books (Paul is the author of “The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored: A Story of Untapped Potential“), Paul is still a hands-on practitioner in the company, working directly with clients such as: Moss Bros, Games Workshop, Lovehoney, Schuh, Harveys, Moneysupermarket & MBS.

Paul Rouke will deliver a keynote speech during the first day of GPeC Summit, on May 25 2016.


Chris Hague ZoomSphere GPeC Summit Bucharest, RomaniaChris Hague is Communication & Marketing Manager of ZoomSphere, the rapidly growing Czech Republic start-up that offers an all-in-one tool for Social Media marketers. Zoomsphere entered the Romanian market in the autumn of 2015 and its customer base is growing fast.

ZoomSphere is the solution offering Management, Analytics, Benchmarking, Customer Care, Monitoring and Reporting tools for all the company’s Social Media accounts, integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google + channels in one app.

Big companies such as Enel, Raiffeisen Bank, Erste Bank, Tesco, IKEA, Aegon etc. use ZoomShpere and Chris Hague will deliver a 90-minute workshop during GPeC Summit day 3 – May 27 2016 discussing the precious insights that this tool can offer.

What’s in it for you at GPeC Summit

Day 1, May 25 2016 – GPeC Conference
  • 1 day of premium content conference, packed with keynotes and debate panels with WOW international and Romanian speakers;
  • Hot topics: Conversion Optimization, Usability, Online Marketing, Split Testing, Behavioral Targeting, Personalization, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, E-Commerce Tools, Logistics, Delivery, Case Studies;
  • Market data, statistics, trends on the evolution of European e-commerce / market insights;
  • GPeC E-Commerce Expo: you meet face to face and start business partnerships with the main e-commerce solutions and services providers in Romania;
  • GPeC E-Commerce Partynetworking, super music, awesome party!
Day 2 and Day 3, May 26 & 27 2016 – GPeC Workshops
  • 2 days of Workshops, that is 18 hours of content tailored exactly so you start selling more! #nobullshit;
  • Hot topics extendedly debated during the workshops;
  • Workshops delivered by the best Romanian and international trainers –  all GPeC Summit trainers have e-commerce professional background and are hands-on practitioners so that YOU get the best tips and recommendations!

When we say GPeC is the must-attend e-commerce and digital marketing event in the region we mean it:

  • 700+ participants (top management) during the 3 event days;
  • 20+ top e-commerce solutions and services providers present at GPeC E-Commerce Expo;
  • A real e-commerce show: Conference + Workshops + Expo + Party;
  • Super Networking & Leads with the e-commerce elite.

Seats are limited so register now for GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016, Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest, Romania and get all there is to know about the state of e-commerce at the moment from the best of the best!

The deadline for registrations is May 22 2016, 11:59 PM, but there is also an Early Bird offer which you simply shouldn’t miss and which is available until May 15 2016 inclusive! Register now!

Or  better yet, you can register your online shop for the GPeC Competition and apart from many other benefits you also get free access to GPeC Summit!*

*Only available for the PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans.

10 reasons that make GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 the must-attend e-commerce and digital marketing event

  1. 8 Super-Star Speakers are ready to rock the GPeC Summit May stage: Alex Langshur (Co-Founder Cardinal Path & Director Emeritus Digital Analytics Association), Daniel Waisberg (Google Analytics Advocate), David Darmanin (Founder HotJar), Karl Gilis (Co-Founder AGConsult), Marie Polli (Senior Optimization Strategist ConversionXL); Brian Dean (Founder, CEO and SEO Blogger Backlinko), Chris Hague (Communications & Marketing Manager ZoomSphere), Paul Rouke (Founder & Director of Optimisation PRWD);
  2. What we have in store for you is 3 days of Premium E-Commerce Content delivered by some of the best international speakers and specialists. You will find out all there is to know about growing your online revenue and profitability;
  3. You’re in for 1 mind-blowing E-Commerce Conference day (keynotes, debate panels, all the hot e-commerce topics of the moment) and 2 days of highly-practical E-Commerce Workshops – a total of 27 hours of relevant e-commerce and digital marketing relevant;
  4. All there is to know about e-commerce: Market Overview, Trends, E-Commerce Evolution, Conversion Optimization, Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, Usability, Web Analytics, Split Testing, Customer Experience, Delivery, Courier Services, Management, Case Studies;
  5. High-quality networking and talks with the main e-commerce solutions and services providers at GPeC E-Commerce Expo;
  6. Networking with the regional e-commerce elite (speakers and participants) in a relaxed informal environment at GPeC E-Commerce Party;
  7. You meet and start partnerships with some of the most important companies in retail and e-commerce – from renowned online shops, to top offline retailers that are expanding their business online;
  8. 700+ participants are expected to join GPeC Summit May during the 3 event days: top regional CEOs, Marketing Managers, Product & Brand Managers, PR Executives, Web Developers, IT Managers, Sales Managers;
  9. GPeC is known to reunite for every edition during the past 11 years the regional e-commerce community elite: online shops, online payments companies, e-commerce solutions and services providers, courier companies, delivery services, digital agencies, price comparison engines, affiliate marketing networks etc.;
  10. You get e-commerce know-how from the best of the best.

Get your ticket

GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 is the best choice you can make for your e-commerce future! And for a more than reasonable price. No other e-commerce conference in Romania or the region can offer you premium e-commerce content from international top speakers at affordable prices. We can.

Very Early Bird Ticket*
until 21.04.2016
Early Bird Ticket*
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GPeC Summit Conference & GPeC E-Commerce Expo, May 25
49 € 59 € 79 €
GPeC Summit Workshops – May 26
You take your pick from our amazing selection of highly-applicable e-commerce and online marketing workshops!**
49 € 59 € 79 €
GPeC Summit Workshops – May 27
You take your pick from our amazing selection of highly-applicable e-commerce and online marketing workshops!**
49 € 59 € 79 €
3 Day-Pass 147 117 € 177 147 € 237 207 €


Early Bird Ticket – the offer is applicable during the April 22 – May 15 2016 inclusive timeframe:

  • Day 1, May 25 2016 – Conference & GPeC E-Commerce Expo, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 2, May 26 2016 – Workshops, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 3, May 27 2016 –Workshops, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;

3-Day-Pass: 177 147 EUR (VAT included) / ticket

Standard Ticket – the offer is applicable during the May 16-22 2016 timeframe:

  • Day 1, May 25 2016 – Conference & GPeC E-Commerce Expo, 79 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 2, May 26 2016 – Workshops, 79 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 3, May 27 2016 –Workshops, 79 EUR (VAT included) / person;

3-Day-Pass: 237 207 EUR / ticket

Information about GPeC tickets:

  • The GPeC Summit ticket fee includes full catering services for each event day as well as simultaneous translation services (Romanian-English and English-Romanian);
  • GPeC Summit ticket fees do not include transport and accommodation costs;
  • The GPeC ticket fee is non-imbursible.

What are you waiting for?

The registrations deadline for GPeC Summit is May 22 2016, 11:59 PM, but we advise you not to miss the Early-Bird Offer available until May 15 2016 (inclusive)!


GPeC Summit takes place on May 25-26-27 2016, in Bucharest, Romania, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Calea Rahovei no. 198A, district 5, very close to the Palace of Parliament.

  • Day 1 – May 25 2016 – GPeC Summit will take place in the Bucharest, London and Athens rooms of Crystal Palace Ballrooms;
  • Day 2 and Day 3 – May 26 & 27 2016 – GPeC Summit will take place in the Vienna, Rome and Athens Rooms of Crystal Palace Ballrooms.

Crystal Palace Ballrooms is located in the heart of Bucharest, very close to Unirii Square. The approximate distance from the Otopeni airport (Arrivals terminal) to Crystal Palace Ballrooms is of approximately 20 kilometers (the approximate cost of the taxi fare is 15 EUR).

Join the awesome GPeC E-Commerce Community!

Join us for a WOW edition of GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016 – the 11th annual edition of the must-attend e-commerce and digital marketing event in Central and Eastern Europe!

Join our awesome GPeC E-Commerce community and meet the amazing people we have by our side!

Don’t miss GPeC Summit May 25-26-27 2016!

Tickets are limited! Register now! You’re in for 3 amazing days, legendary international e-commerce and digital marketing speakers, some of them speaking for the first time in the region at GPeC!