News of the week: Americans and their dollars, GPeC feature video, BF success, devices’ census

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Here are the most important 5 news pieces about e-commerce from the last 7 days.

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Black Friday, dollars and Americans

Black Friday SUA

E-commerce accounted for $822 million spent in the first 11 hours of Black Friday, and discounts were mounting as online retailers jockeyed for position. Black Friday online sales will increase 14% over last year, with e-retail sales reaching $2.7 billion, according to a report Friday evening from the Adobe Digital Index. The IBM data, drawn from its online retail clients, said mobile devices had accounted for 54.4% of traffic, an increase of 16.6% from the day after Thanksgiving last year, and 35.3% of sales, up 35.5% from last year.

More details, at Internet Retailer


E-commerce story, part one

reportaj gpecWhat’t the first online store in Romania? When was the first product ordered and paid by card? How was the e-commerce in Romania 10 years ago? What are the most popular products in 2015? These are some of the questions answered by the guests of the first part of a feature video produced by GPeC: Valentin RADU – CEO Marketizator, Felix Pătrășcanu – Managing Partner FAN Courier, Dorin Boerescu – CEO 2Parale, Marius Ghenea – CEO PC Garage, Mihai Pătrașcu – CEO Evomag and Adelina Oprea – Marketing Manager FashionUP.

Watch the first part of the feature

Yet another 5 viral videos

clipuri virale

The team likes to watch videos about e-commerce and publist the best 5. We recommend the vlog made by Ariel who participated at the the GPeC Summit on November 24th – Dress code: business. There are also clips about Black Friday, Black November, Cyber Monday, Cyber weekend, Single Days and many other festive days of the online business. Mashable explains how this madness traveled in the online from the offline.

Watch the videos at


The Black Friday success is called F64

F64F64 centralized the data after Black Friday and made a summarized infographic. also won the prize for Best E-Shop of the Year in 2015 and the prize for the best e-shop in the IT&C and Electronics category. Below you’ll find other data from the Romanian e-commerce.

More details, on the GPeC blog

The devices’ census

cifre dispozitiveFresh data from the National Institute of Statistics: more than a half of Romanian homes (61,9%) had at least one computer; in Bucharest, 8 out of 10 families have a computer at home; 92% of the Romanians aged 16-24 use the computer and the percentage; among men aged 35-44, 57,7% used the Internet daily or almost daily, compared to 61,6% of women of the same age.

More figures, at Hotnews