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How marketers can fight the impostor syndrome – Interview with Tiffany daSilva

After having to deal with impostor syndrome as a marketer for many years, Tiffany daSilva – founder DaSilva Consulting – decided to turn her experience into a lesson for marketers who struggle with the same issue. During this interview at GPeC SUMMIT in November 2019, she sat down with us and shared many useful insights about fighting the impostor syndrome and finding the right mindset to deal with professional failures. 

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Jono Alderson - ecommerce websites

Jono Alderson and the future of digital marketing: “We need to think bigger. We need to be audience-centric”

Nobody wants to go to a website and look through e-commerce pages. Nobody wants to fill out conversion forms. That’s a dysfunction of an earlier internet. Consumer behavior is changing. People are more likely to want to consume content and transact on places like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook. Maybe that means that websites are less important. Maybe the way we think about marketing and getting people to a site and getting them to convert, misses the point and needs to change radically.

At GPeC SUMMIT we talked to Jono Alderson about the implications of changes in user behavior, especially with the emergence of machine learning systems and assistive devices. How will this affect the job of the marketer? Read more in the interview below.

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Digital Marketing is dead. Jono Alderson brings the future of Online Marketing & Advertising, at GPeC SUMMIT May 27-28

Jono Alderson is a Digital Strategist, Marketing Technologist and Full-Stack Developer, with almost two decades of experience in Web Development, SEO, Analytics, Brand Strategy and Conversion Rate Optimization. Jono has been a leading figure in the SEO world for a really long time. In 2018 he was named SEO World Champion at the SEOktoberfest conference and Best SEO Specialist by Serpstat.

Jono will come for the first time in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT May 27-28 to meet with Digital Marketers and SEO professionals in Bucharest and talk about the changes that will affect the way the industry thinks about marketing and advertising. We are looking forward to his keynote speech on May 27 and his Google Tag Manager Masterclass on May 28. Until then, here’s an exclusive GPeC interview with Jono on the state of SEO and Digital Marketing in 2019.

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David Meerman Scott - Real-time Marketing @ GPeC SUMMIT 2018

You start to sell when you stop selling. David Meerman Scott’s insights on Real-Time Marketing and Buyer Personas for eCommerce

The way people buy nowadays has completely changed. Pushing products and services towards a broad, shapeless audience will not advance your sales anymore. It will cost you loads of money and you’ll end up turning people off. Instead, you need to focus on creating the right buyer personas for your business and start to sell when the buyer is ready. How do you do that? Digital Marketing Strategist and bestselling author David Meerman Scott has the right equation, which includes Real-Time Marketing, Newsjacking, being active in social media and taking part in the conversations that are happening. Learn more in the interview below.

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