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“If there are still people on the planet that haven’t heard of it, it’s new.” – An interview with Ryan Holiday

Getting attention or selling something you really believe in? A marketer’s focus has usually leaned towards the former, while the latter has proven itself to be more effective long term. In this very inspiring interview, Ryan Holiday, bestselling author and marketer, states clearly what a marketer’s duty is nowadays, which effective tactic they should use to drive sells and how to improve their marketing strategies.

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Video is the future – Talking with Dennis Yu about using video content to build trust among clients

“What’s more compelling, a video of someone using the product, or a picture?” is what Dennis Yu, CEO BlitzMetrics, wanted online businesses to think about during his interview at GPeC SUMMIT May 2019. We talked with him about how easy it is to create content that catches your target audience’s eye, about how to use video content to build trust among clients and about how AI will help run better Facebook ads.

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How to grow your business with Content Marketing - Ross Simmonds interview for GPeC SUMMIT

How to grow your business with content marketing – interview with Ross Simmonds, speaker at GPeC SUMMIT, November 2018

A blog article seems just another form of communication. Not to Ross Simmonds, Founder of Founders Marketing, who thinks the blog post is a key instrument that can scale a business. Ross is one of the keynote speakers that will take up the GPeC Stage on November 13, at GPeC SUMMIT, and will bring you an actionable presentation on the role of the content for a digital marketing strategy.

Until then, we sat down with Ross for a long-distance interview. In the article below you’ll find out his input on: what is a content strategy, how do you choose the right channels, how does SEO influence results, what KPI should you measure, how do you distribute content.

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