Video is the future – Talking with Dennis Yu about using video content to build trust among clients

dennis yu

“What’s more compelling, a video of someone using the product, or a picture?” is what Dennis Yu, CEO BlitzMetrics, wanted online businesses to think about during his interview at GPeC SUMMIT May 2019. We talked with him about how easy it is to create content that catches your target audience’s eye, about how to use video content to build trust among clients and about how AI will help run better Facebook ads.

The highlight of Dennis’s presentation is that if you want to succeed on Facebook, you have to master video content. And for that, you don’t necessarily need an entire tech team, especially if you are a young e-commerce business. Use your phone to record a short 1 minute vertical video in which you present your business, product or services, post it on your Facebook page and advertise it to your target audience. This is how you win their trust easier and, at the same time, you build your remarketing audiences.

The growth of the number of conversions depends primarily on how much trust the clients have in your product, and this trust translates through the kind of experience they have with your business. Dennis gives Amazon as an example, where the reviews are the ones generating trust and determine the clients to come back. How do you do this using video? By telling a story. By encouraging customers to tell their own story, to make videos interacting with you product, and by promoting these experiences on Facebook. People will be more motivated to buy a certain product if they can empathise with the way it is promoted. Dennis doesn’t recommend making a video to sound like a commercial, because people won’t be convinced by this type of content.

When it comes to using AI to run Facebook Ads campaigns, Dennis thinks that this will improve and simplify the settings that up until now were made manually: campaign structuring, bidding, optimizations etc. Advertisers could therefore focus on marketing strategies – tracking, setting objectives, content (focus on video), targeting – and on creating campaigns that ensure business development and increasing the number of conversions.

Dennis advises those new to e-commerce to create video content themselves, to tell the story behind the product. They will be able to deliver better quality remarketing to people who rezonate to and interact with the video.

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